A Brief Comparison Between 3Shape Intraoral Scanners & Its Uses

Intraoral scanners are electronic devices that reproduce 3D images of the entire oral cavity, helping in the digital documentation of the work. This acts like a platform where data can be sent to the lab for the fabrication of crowns and even discussed with another dentist for the required treatment plan.

Surely everyone has heard of the intra oral scanners, but do you know how to use an intra oral scanner?

An intra oral scanner captures optical impression of patient’s jaw, where the scanner is passed over the gums and teeth of the patient. This scanner emits a light source which recreates a 3D image on the screen.



These scanners are of two types, so how they work depends on what type of scanner is being used

  1. Photographic technology scanner: They capture individual images of the areas to be scanned
  2. Video technology scanners: They work in a similar way to video camera, so the scanned areas are recorded.

How can intra oral scanner help in dental clinic?

Intra oral scanner vs Impression: Unlike the traditional method, where dental impression are made, it is a tedious procedure as the impression has to be made, sent to a lab and poured. At times there occurs error in the impression thus taking more time and reducing the accuracy and also causing discomfort to the patient  due to gag or laceration of gingiva due to sharp edges of the tray.

All this can be avoided by the use of intra oral scanner. One such scanner in market with amazing results is 3shape Trios Intraoral scanner. These are the wireless nonstop scanning intra oral scanner with an easy battery exchange and long lasting rechargeable batteries.

TRIOS makes scanning fast and easy for dentist as well as assistant ensuring optimal comfort for patients and reduced chair side time.

The key features present in TRIOS scanner make them stand out and a valuable option to replace the traditional methods.

Few of  features of 3 shape Intra Oral scanner are:

It is an instant clinical validation of the oral cavity

Help tool in orthodontic treatment as it acts like a Treatment simulator

Highest accuracy

Real color for exact shade measurement

Open system

There is true dynamic articulation of patient’s motion

Based on these features there are three model of TRIOS intra oral scanner which are light blended, well balanced and made to fit comfortably in your hand.

Let’s have a comparison between the three models of TRIOS scanner:

TRIOS 3 Basic intra oral scanner:


This is an entry level intra oral scanner with high accuracy and precision. It’s a cost effective investment to take your first step into the world of dentistry. The scan colour are realistic and there is an automatic scan clean-up. It has an unrivalled open dental ecosystem.  With this scanner show patients their dental impression, explain treatment options and send it to your choice of lab.

TRIOS 3 Scanner:


This scanner is built to engage with your patient and boost their engagement. Just with the scanning you can explain the treatment plan easily to the patient. Also the restorative and orthodontic treatment procedures can be reviewed. Patients can be shown their future smile using TRIOS smile design feature and your photo in just few minutes of scanning. Share these realistic feature with your patients to align expectations and stimulate treatment acceptance



Realistic colour scan, high precision and accuracy, engagement app. TRIOS 3 shape gives all these features with additional ones. This powerful scanner has an extended battery life with 30% more. The most interesting feature of this scanner is its ability for detecting surface caries. This eliminates the need for separate device as this device itself has a built in fluorescent technology for surface caries detection.

The new generation of TROS smart tips feature instant heat technology. With this you can scan 2-3 patients and benefit from optimal scanning due to automatic use and tip change alert. TRIOS 4 has a flexible two in one solution that combines wired and wireless cord with a simple plug in cord.


Dynamic occlusion, Proven accuracy, Realistic colours, It’s an all in one package. Excite your patients with smile design and TRIOS treatment simulator and experience the integrated scanning and smile designing experience.

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