Dental Sealing Machine

Dental Sealing Machine


Dental sealing machine is used to seal the instruments in pouches for sterilization and it ensures to keep the instruments untouched until further use

Dental Sealing Machine
Dental Sealing Machine

Key Highlights

  • The effective heating control and high-quality performance.
  • Reminder system prevents overheating during sealing.
  • The smart operation pad allows you to choose the exact bag length to save the paper.
  • Rated power 80W, creating a new record of energy saving in the sealers’ family.
  • Automatic temperature adjustment.
  • High quality and Easy operation.
  • A 12mm sealing seam can guarantee the legal requirements of sterilization.

Technical Specification

The effective heating controlEnsures precise and efficient heating control, contributing to high-quality performance.
Reminder systemPrevents overheating during sealing, enhancing safety and prolonging the life of the equipment.
Smart operation padAllows users to choose the exact bag length, promoting paper savings and customization.
Rated power80W, setting a new record for energy-saving within the sealer family.
Automatic temperature adjustmentEnsures automatic adjustment, optimizing temperature settings for reliable sealing performance.
High qualityThe sealer is designed with a focus on high-quality materials and construction for durability.
Easy operationUser-friendly design facilitates easy operation, making it accessible for various users.
12mm sealing seamGuarantees compliance with legal requirements for sterilization, with a secure 12mm sealing seam.

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The effective heating control ensures precise and efficient sealing, enhancing the overall performance of the sealer. This feature guarantees reliable and consistent results in sealing processes.

The reminder system is designed to prevent overheating during sealing. This feature not only enhances safety by preventing equipment overheating but also extends the lifespan of the sealer, ensuring its long-term functionality.

The smart operation pad allows users to choose the exact bag length, promoting customization and efficient use of paper. This feature not only contributes to paper savings but also offers users flexibility in tailoring the sealing process to their specific needs.

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