The Impact Of Accuracy In Digital Dentistry For Various Dental Treatments

Dental procedures are evolving in various aspects due to the ever-increasing upgradation in technology. In the last two decades, dentistry has become more digitized which has ultimately improved dentists’ work as well as patients’ quality of treatment. Also, patients’ acceptance and understanding of dental treatments have improved with help of easily available videos, software, or digital sensors.

What is digital dentistry?


Digital dentistry is the technology which encompasses the use of digital or computer based technology that any dental professional may use to examine, diagnose and treat oral conditions and problems. The use of digital dentistry being made in every step of dental treatment right from diagnosis to treatment involving curing of various dental conditions. This technology provides a platform where dentist from different specialty can collaborate and solve challenging cases.

Why is it important to have digital transformation?

The aging trend of the population is on rise, and more and more people have started paying attention to their dental health, which expands and accelerates the dental market. This has increased competition among the dental actioners and whoever can provide the best dental treatment will have a place. Dentist should invest in best technology to make dental visit a pain free and comfortable experience. Also the digital workflow are safer and more hygienic against the traditional ones which will incline the patients more towards your dental practice.

Some digital dentistry tools that we come across in daily practice are:

  • Intraoral cameras
  • Cone beam computer tomography
  • Digital radiography
  • Dental lasers
  • Intra oral scanner
  • Computer aided implant dentistry

Benefits of going digital

Precise results and easier procedure:

Digital dentistry reduces the errors and uncertainties that can be caused by human factor, thus producing high accuracy at every clinical step. For example intra oral 3D scanner simplify the complex procedure of taking dental impression, providing accurate scanning result and clearer teeth structure information to the dentist within just 2 minutes. These impression can be made multiple time, if precise accuracy is required. There is an added benefit of automating steps that can identify and fix errors.

Better patient experience and comfort:

Small camera are replacing the tiny round mirrors, which are being used by dental professionals since decades. Biggest benefit of using them is magnification. This can give a clear picture of what is dental condition of patient’s teeth and help dentist accurately decide line of treatment. These images can be shared with lab technician for accurately matching the tooth shade for fabrication of crowns and bridges. All these procedure reduces patients discomfort and gives a better experience to patients.

Saves time and cost:

Traditional x rays are tremendously being replaced by their digital x rays .These images are immediately available to be seen without the hassle of processing the film which at time used to give unsatisfactory result due to inaccurate processing. These digital films can be shared and discussed by a team of dentist to come to an accurate diagnosis, thus saving time and cost of patient.

How are digital dental impressions done?

There was time not so long when dentist would put a gooey material in patient s mouth in right position to make an impression of teeth. This was then send to lab to make a mould. These days are gone now with the availability of digital impression which uses CAD/CAM technology to scan patient’s teeth which can be used by dental technician to make prosthesis like crowns, veneers or dental bridges.

One such device available is Trios 3 Wireless Intraoral Scanner. These are light well balanced and made to fit comfortable in your hand. The trio’s intraoral scanner is wireless providing speed and accuracy.

The various advantages of Trios scanner being:


Fast and comfortable: TRIOS makes scanning fast and easy giving optimal outcome.

High accuracy: 3 shape TRIOS delivers high accuracy on single units, quadrant and full arch.

Engage patient with realistic colour scan: Creates high quality results for patients in life like colours to evaluate treatment and improve patient dialogue

Digital tool for better treatment: provide HD quality photo

Easy battery exchange for nonstop scanning

Long lasting rechargeable batteries

Exact shade matching: no need for any shade guide as it has inbuilt shade measurement of vita

The scanning time for entire dental arch is just 2 minutes depending upon the speed of dentist of scanning


We are in this era of advancement where everything is expected at faster and efficient rate. Therefore embracing advanced digital solution will become imperative to stay ahead of competition. With huge competition in dental practice, now is the tine to explore digital technology for high quality accuracy to grow your business.

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