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Dental equipment sterilisation is an important step in removing pathogens from reusable dental instruments that have been contaminated with saliva, blood, or other human fluids during dental procedures.

Sterilization of dental instruments helps to prevent cross contamination between patients and the growth of bacteria in the instruments. These safety requirements are primarily intended to prevent and control infection. The well-being of the patients and staff of the same dental facility is the responsibility of the dental specialists.


Our advanced dental solution combines exceptional power and unparalleled portability, epitomized by the optimized, proprietary 940 nm wavelength delivering an impressive 10 watts of power. This potent combination ensures optimal performance in every dental procedure, providing a pinnacle of dental technology.

Our state-of-the-art dental system is designed for effortless mobility, featuring a convenient battery backup. This design facilitates optimal positioning and allows for effortless transport between different operatories, emphasizing our commitment to efficiency and ease of use in dynamic dental environments.

The system excels in versatility with a range of various tip sizes, each bendable to suit diverse applications. From intricate surgical procedures to tooth whitening and pain therapy, this single system offers unmatched versatility in dental care. Additionally, as the only dental laser with FDA clearance for pain therapy and relief, it stands as a trailblazer, redefining patient care with effective and minimally invasive treatments. The Comfort Pulse™ feature further enhances patient comfort by significantly reducing bleeding, swelling, and post-operative pain, minimizing the need for injections and other interventions.

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