The Role Of Additional Warranty – A Buying Guide For Dental Chairs

Worried about your dental chair breakdown or high servicing charges. Worry or not? We have a solution for your dental worry, that is Additional Warranty. Additional warranty can act like your saviour and prevent creating. havoc in daily practice.

Dental chair breakdown creates lots of hassle among the dental staff. There  can occur various issues in dental chair like light not working, PCB failure or chair getting hanged, sudden stoppage of air rotor while working and so on. These problems are a big concern and even if one part is not functional it is difficult to operate the chair and treat patients thus resulting in loss of money, patients and work time.

Additional warranty gives you peace of mind. Sudden breakdown of chair during dental treatment creates chaos in dental clinic and disturbs daily routine. This prevents any form of embarrassment and doesn’t disappoint your patient as no rescheduling of patient is required. thus preventing any loss of earnings and reduces hassles of patients scheduling.

One more advantage is of maximum performance of dental chair. Additional warranty comes with perks like timely visit of service engineers giving maximum work output. If any part has a manufacturing damage or some defect, there is easy replacement of the spare part without any additional cost. Slow cutting of air rotor or improper working of scaler or motor, spoils your quality of dental work and thus the result obtained is not satisfactory for patients as well as you. To have a good name in public your facility provided to customer has to be at its best and these small features matter a lot.

Gnatus dental chair has been designed from Brazil to make a change in your daily routine providing all new facilities especially in the S series segment. The overall delivery system allows dentist to practice with ideal position and thus increasing productivity, providing all advancements and peace of mind. The design of Gnatus chair is by BOSCH motor which results in high performance meeting all clinical requirement.

There are various models of Gnatus chair available like Gnatus S 200, Gnatus S 300, Gnatus S 400, Gnatus S 500.

These chair are covered by warranty terms in the warranty certificate. These warranty include repair or replacement of any part of dental chair which is caused by any manufacturing defect. In the event of defects occurring and reported during warranty period, replacement part and labour will be covered in warranty.

Gnatus dental chairs come with a 5 years warranty with many advantages of free servicing and free replacement of spare parts.

Regular maintenance of dental chair is a must for maximum output. This is only possible if serving takes place at regular intervals. So just go for additional warranty with paying a little extra amount and forget about any tension related to your dental chair for 5 years, Gnatus chair and serving centres will give you a tension free environment and solve all your queries with ease.


Additional dental warranty will always act as a boon and not put you in any harm. So without giving a second thought just book for additional warranty and make your clinical experience a smooth ride.

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