O-light curing unit

Woodpecker DTE O-LIGHT Cure Unit

Woodpecker DTE O-LIGHT Cure Unit


High intensity and reliable light cure unit from DTE, Woodpecker comes with advanced technology to cure resin material in just 1 sec. It provides high-intensity blue light for the effective polymerization of any type of composite resin.

Olight curing unit
Olight curing unit

Key Highlights

  • 1 sec curing in High mode with intensity of 2300 mW/cm2 
  • Strong penetration of light without distance limitation
  • High power Blue LED (Monowave) for enhanced intensity
  • User-friendly operation interface with adjustable modes to use as per requirement
  • 360-degree rotatable probe for enhanced flexibility in posterior region
  • Easily accessible probe for increased accessibility in small mouth-opening patients. 
  • Light Hood for eye protection.
  • CE Certified battery with large capacity to cure a minimum of 400 times continuously in 10 Sec mode.
  • Automatic flashing of indicator light for low battery.

Technical Specification

Net Weight259g
Adapter InputAC 240V 50Hz
OutputDC 5V 1A
Battery Capacity1400mAh
Light Source Wavelength420nm-490nm
High Power Blue Light LED5W

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The curing process in High mode takes just 1 second with an intensity of 2300 mW/cm2, ensuring quick and efficient dental procedures.

No, the device provides strong penetration of light without distance limitations, ensuring thorough and effective curing of dental materials.

The operation interface is user-friendly, offering adjustable modes to cater to specific requirements, providing flexibility and ease of use for dental professionals.

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