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Ultra Cure 1 Sec Curing Unit

Ultra Cure 1 Sec Curing Unit


The Dental LED Light Care Unit is a state-of-the-art dental tool designed to bring precision and clarity to every dental procedure. With its advanced features and high-quality build, this LED light care unit ensures that dental professionals can perform their tasks with utmost accuracy and confidence. Illuminate the path to dental perfection and ensure every smile is crafted with precision.

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Key Highlights

Special Lens Condenser Design for Precision:

The unit features a specially crafted lens condenser design, ensuring that every detail within the oral cavity is visible and accessible. This precision is crucial for accurate and effective dental treatments.

12W High-Power LED for Clear Illumination:

Equipped with a 12W high-power LED, the unit provides blue-violet illumination, offering exceptional clarity during procedures. This bright and focused light is vital for identifying and addressing intricate dental issues.

360° Rotating Curing Head for Accessibility:

The curing head of the unit can rotate 360°, ensuring ease of access to every part of the mouth. This feature is essential for achieving impeccable results in all dental procedures.

Dual Working Modes for Versatility:

The unit offers two working modes to cater to different procedural needs:

Strong Light Mode: Offers quick curing options with durations of 1s, 3s, and 5s, ideal for fast-paced dental environments.

Standard Mode: Provides standard curing times of 10s, 20s, and 30s for more traditional procedures.

7 Magnetic Lens Tips for Adaptability:

With a range of 7 magnetic lens tips, the unit enhances its versatility and adaptability. These tips ensure efficiency and precision for a variety of dental procedures.

6-Month Warranty for Reliability:

The unit comes with a 6-month warranty, underscoring its quality and durability. This warranty provides dental professionals with peace of mind regarding the unit’s reliability and longevity.

Technical Specification

Lens DesignSpecial Lens Condenser Design, crafted for precision, ensuring visibility and accessibility
Light Source12W High-Power LED, providing brilliant blue-violet illumination for clarity during procedures
Curing Head Rotation360° Rotating Curing Head for ease of access, ensuring every part of the mouth is easily reachable
Working ModesDual Working Modes: Strong Light Mode for quick curing (1s, 3s, 5s) Standard Mode for standard curing (10s, 20s, 30s)
Lens Tips7 Magnetic Lens Tips, enhancing versatility and adaptability for various procedures
Warranty6 Months Warranty, a testament to the unit’s quality and durability, providing peace of mind to professionals

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The Special Lens Condenser Design is crafted for precision, ensuring that every detail is visible and accessible during dental procedures, contributing to enhanced precision and accuracy.

The 360° Rotating Curing Head is designed for ease of access, ensuring that every part of the mouth is easily reachable. This feature leads to impeccable results by providing optimal positioning during various dental procedures.

Strong Light Mode for quick curing with durations of 1s, 3s, and 5s.

Standard Mode for standard curing times of 10s, 20s, and 30s. This versatility caters to different needs and preferences during dental treatments.

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