The Revolution of 3D Printers in the Dental Sector

3D Printing is now not an unknown term, It’s the new revolutionary upgrade in the field of dentistry. 3D Printing is openly used in the Automobile and Engineering sectors. In dentistry, it’s the latest technology in CAD-CAM dentistry. As now the dentist is upgrading himself toward digital impression making so 3d printing of dental models are necessary to check the fittings of crowns etc.

3d printing has various benefits and applications in dentistry such as:

  • 3d printing of dental models
  • In-house surgical guide printing for guided surgeries
  • For casting procedures of PFM crowns with the help of castable materials
  • Now latest advancement one can print DIGITAL DENTURE now and can print the 3d printed crowns also.
  • And there are much more applications

What is 3D printing?

  • 3D Printing is a phrase used to describe the process of creating three-dimensional products from a digital file using a material printer, in a manner used to print pictures on paper in a two-dimensional view.
  • It’s an Additive Technology


Different 3D Printing Technologies Based on materials used



SLA Printer:-

  • SLA is a Vat Photopolymerization family additive manufacturing technology in which an item is created by selectively curing a polymer resin layer-by-layer with an ultraviolet (UV) laser beam.
  • SLA is made up of photosensitive thermoset polymers that are liquid in nature.



LCD Printer:-

  • Complete layers at the resin tank are flashed by UV light emitted by an array of LEDs shining through an LCD.
  • To cure, a screen is used to mask the entire image, displaying only the current layer.
  • LCD 3D printing is a resin manufacturing process that can produce large, detailed functioning items at a low cost.


DLP Printer:-

  • DLP is a sort of vat polymerization that stands for digital light processing.
  • Vat polymerization 3D printing systems use a (liquid) photopolymer resin that cures (solidifies) when exposed to light.


DMLS 3D Printer:-

DMLS is a 3D printing technique that involves melting and fusing layers of metallic powder together using a computer-controlled, high-power laser beam.


Applications of 3D printing in Dentistry



Applications of 3D Printing of both Resin-based and DMLS printers


Resin-based 3D printers are often used for producing prosthetic models, particularly those received from intraoral scanner users so that they can print and work on the scans. Many dental labs employ 3D PRINTED Copings, in which they can print the intended copings in wax-like resin in a 3D printer and print the coping, after which they cast the copings for metal crowns. Orthodontic models for the study and data maintenance can also be generated in a 3D printer. These are also routinely used to create cast partial dentures on wax-like material that may later be cast on metal.

Other Uses of Resin-Based Dental 3D Printers:

  • Dental Implant Surgical Guides are biocompatible & autoclavable
  • Indirect dental bonding trays in the Orthodontic sector, are clear, flexible materials for dental braces placement.
  • 3D Printed Splints to use as night guards
  • Customized 3D printed Impression Trays
  • 3D Printed temporary teeth with different colours of shades as per the requirement of the dentist
  • Digital denture – Dentists can design dentures on their planning software and directly print the denture base & acrylic 3D printed teeth, eliminating the conventional process.

DMLS Based:-







Now that 3D printing technology has progressed so far, it is possible to produce a metal-based 3D printed crown directly. DMLS machines can be used by either a lab or a dentist to create direct metal crowns or other applications. They can also be used to print 3D printed abutments for dental implant procedures. On DMLS machines, a cast partial denture metal framework can also be printed.

All of this reduces manual errors and produces aesthetically pleasing and precise 3D printed models for high-quality work. With the help of this Clear Aligners can also be prepared for patients who want to straighten their rotated teeth without compromising their aesthetics.  3d printer works faster, accurate and most of all economical in ranges also.


As dentistry is growing day by day, the same advancement in Digital dentistry also happening every day under which 3d printers are also there, 3D printers Help the dentist or lab professional to provide better quality work to their patients. 3D printings help in many ways to lab professionals and dentists.

Dentist benefits from having 3d printer in their clinic for Printing of surgical guides and Orthodontic models for aligner work

Whereas lab professional benefits starting from making dental models to castable coping, from castable cast partial dentures to direct metals cast 3d printed dental crowns by DMLS. 3d printings are now the most advanced technology and ease the work of dental professionals.

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