Recent Advancement In Dentistry And Its Impact On Dental Practice

Technology is improving daily and dentistry is not behind to reap the rewards of advancements. Newer system is coming out all time, dedicated to achieve optimal outcomes. This is helping dentist to better achieve the results their patients seek wherein dental technology streamlines the process from beginning to end.

Benefits of using high technology dental equipment

When dentist uses high tech system for dental treatment, patients can surely benefit from the big investments. The biggest advantage being the improvement in accuracy in completing dental procedures. The treatment plans can be discussed with better understanding by patients and thus the conversion ratio of patients to undergo treatment at your clinic increases.

Also, its helps dentist to complete procedure quickly to improve comfort and complete a greater number of patients in a day. This saves patients time too, thus increasing dentist’s output.
The amount of instruments or the time patient has to keep their mouth open is also lessened with the newer advanced equipment. It also helps to maintain sterilization facilitating faster healing and less damage to adjacent structures.When compared to traditional workflow, computer aided manufacturing technology has become amazingly prominent among dentist as it saves expenses and working time, also requires fewer stages, and reduces any source of error.

Dental practitioners are anyhow exposed to variety of infectious disease and hence infection control protocols have to be followed thoroughly. From the moment a patient walks into a dental clinic until the end of treatment, everything must be kept safe.

Few such advancement which is a boon to dentist as well as patient are:

CAD CAM Technology

CAD CAM has made it possible for dental operators and patients to communicate effectively. It provides a chair side dental 3 D printing and milling unit which can provide immediate treatment.
Implant placement using digital dental equipment delivered in a CAD CAM system is far more precise and pre evaluated. It demonstrates the technical aspects of implant placement, as well as the bone density.
CAD Cam can also be used to make inlays, on-lays, dentures or orthodontic aligners which can assist and make process faster.
Unicorn Denmart has modern intra oral scanners, milling machines and 3D Printers to keep you updated in digital age.


Alpha dual HD intra oral camera

It is an Intra Oral Camera with a smart HD resolution camera with a unique technology and in-built ruler measurement tool. Also, it has an extra oral camera with variable focus liquid lens which adds versatility to dental practice by adding life like images.
It’s a dual lens system with auto focus mode allowing easy capture and wide focus range. The image quality is clear with a HD 720p resolution. The sensor provided is HD CMOS sensor 15 with bright and vivid images.

Dental Microscope

Labomed Magna provides a Dental Microscope which is a crystal-clear light weight, ergonomically designed microscope. It has an apochromatic zoom system which guarantees an optimal magnification. There is a freedom of 360 degree movement provided by the automatic balancing arm. The LED light is super vivid and long lasting which helps dental practitioners see crowns every minute details.
The apochromatic architecture of Magna provides three wavelengths with ultimate correction and has a zoom mechanism offering a wide range of magnification. This device has DSLR and CCD adapters making it compatible for all documentation.


Since the patients receive so many excellent benefits, dentists will likely continue upgrading their equipment to high-tech alternatives in the coming years. Going digital will not only assist dental practitioners in providing better care to their patients, but it will also aid in the prevention of cross-contamination by using the new dental technology.

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