Facts To Know About Minimal Sensitivity During Teeth Whitening with Sophisticated Laser Technology

Who doesn’t like white dazzling teeth? Those pearly white teeth definitely improve your aesthetics and boost your confidence. Teeth whitening is the most trending dental treatment these days.

The options to do a teeth whitening treatment are varied but one of the popular option is laser teeth whitening.

Laser teeth whitening is a cosmetic laser treatment that adds the use of laser to the in office teeth whitening. This procedure involves placing of concentrated whitening gel on teeth and applying of laser light over it which helps in whitening of teeth.

Laser teeth whitening can remove stains with minimal discomfort.

How does Laser whitening work?

Laser treatment uses bleaching trays with peroxide. The major difference in the two process is that lasers stimulates oxygen in peroxide paste to speed up the breakdown of discolouration. Carbon dioxide or Argon laser is applied to the bleaching tray to fasten the chemical reaction. With this process the stains can be removed within 30 minute session

Dental Laser Treatment

Facts about Laser teeth whitening

  • Although the concentration of hydrogen peroxide used in laser teeth whitening is higher compared to the amount used in bleaching, the teeth sensitivity produced is minimal in laser teeth whitening. The reason behind this being that gums are protected during laser procedure whereas wit trays use gums directly come in contact with the gel leading to sensitivity.
  • Laser treatment gives enhanced and promising results removing all discolorations effectively and efficiently. The amount of hydrogen peroxide used is higher but the concentrated agent is used for lesser time giving the desired result.
  • The procedure is precise. If only few teeth need to be whitened, dentist focus only on those teeth
  • It is efficient and appointment can be completed within an hour
  • It cannot be performed by a patient at home and has to be done in office by a professional dentist
  • Multiple session of teeth whitening are not required compared to others, thus minimise tooth sensitivity for patients who are prone to teeth sensitivity.
  • Laser teeth whitening lasts for a longer duration compared to bleaching process and thus makes it long-lasting form of treatment.

Laser Whitening

Epic X laser by Biolase is the perfect solution for laser teeth whitening. It uses high technology that combines focused light and thermal energy. Using Epic X laser teeth whitening is only 20 minutes chair side procedure, hence known to be best in office teeth whitening solution. It is comfortable for patient creating minimal sensitivity and can be used for selected number of teeth without harming gingival tissue. The entire procedure is completed in one appointment thus giving desired results in short span of time. Biolase Epic X laser is worth investing which will be able at a good deal at Unicorn Denmart ltd.


Laser is an incredible tool for producing whiter teeth quickly and giving excellent results with right follow up and self care. Although being an expensive equipment, the results obtained from it are pleasing and will surely satisfy your patient giving minimal discomfort.

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