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NSK NLX Nano Portable Micromotor System

NSK NLX Nano Portable Micromotor System


The NSK NLX Nano Portable Micromotor System represents a significant advancement in dental micromotor technology. Skillfully engineered to be lighter and more compact without compromising on power, the NLX Nano is a perfect blend of size, efficiency, and functionality, tailored for the modern dental practice.

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Key Highlights

Reduced Weight and Size:

The NLX Nano is designed to be 20% lighter and over 25% smaller than the current NSK micromotors. This reduction in weight and size enhances handling and maneuverability, making it easier for dentists to perform precise procedures without fatigue.

Powerful Performance with Wide Speed Range:

Despite its compact size, the NLX Nano delivers power equivalent to NSK’s current brushless clinical micromotors. It offers the same speed range, ensuring that dentists do not have to compromise on performance for portability.

Digital Speed Display:

The system includes a digital speed display, providing precise control and visibility of the operating speed. This feature is crucial for procedures requiring specific speed settings, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Forward/Reverse Functionality:

The NLX Nano is equipped with a forward/reverse switch, allowing dentists to change the rotation direction easily. This feature enhances the versatility of the micromotor, making it suitable for a variety of dental procedures.

Memory Function:

The inclusion of a memory function in the NLX Nano allows dentists to save their preferred settings. This feature streamlines the workflow, enabling quick and easy setup for recurrent procedures.

Light Brightness Adjustment:

The system offers a light brightness adjustment function, providing optimal illumination for different procedures and preferences. Proper lighting is essential for precision in dental work, and this feature ensures ideal visibility.

Foot Air Calibration:

The NLX Nano includes a foot air calibration function, adding an extra layer of control for the dentist. This calibration ensures accurate foot control during operations, contributing to the overall precision and ease of use.

Technical Specification

Speed1,000 ~ 40,000 min⁻¹
Torque3.4 Ncm
Rated InputAC 28V 50/60 Hz
DimensionsW127 x D149 x H54 (mm)

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The device operates within a speed range of 1,000 to 40,000 rotations per minute (min⁻¹), providing versatility for various applications.

The device has a torque of 3.4 Newton-centimeters (Ncm), ensuring effective and controlled performance in different tasks.

Certainly, the device has dimensions of W127 x D149 x H54 (mm) and weighs 517 grams, offering a compact and manageable design for ease of use.

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