Micro NX Clinical Dental Electric Micromotor

Micro NX Clinical Dental Electric Micromotor

Micro NX Clinical Dental Electric Micromotor


The Micro NX clinical electric micromotor sets a new standard in dental care, offering unparalleled efficiency, precision, and comfort. Known as the smallest and lightest motor in the world, it enhances the dental procedure experience for both dentists and patients by providing quick and safe performance across a variety of dental operations.

Micro NX Clinical Dental Electric Micromotor
Micro NX Clinical Dental Electric Micromotor
Micro NX Clinical Dental Electric Micromotor

Key Highlights

Smooth Operation with Minimal Vibration:

  • The micromotor operates smoothly, with less vibration and no heat generation, ensuring comfort for both the dentist and patient during procedures.

Extra Torque for Flexible Operation:

  • Enhanced torque allows for flexible operation, providing the power needed for a variety of dental tasks without sacrificing control or precision.

Low Noise for Improved Patient Experience:

  • Its low noise output contributes to a better patient experience, reducing the stress and anxiety associated with dental procedures.

High Durability:

  • This device is highly durable, designed to withstand the demands of daily dental practice and ensure a long service life.

Lightweight Handpiece for Doctor Comfort:

  • The very lightweight handpiece reduces hand fatigue, making it comfortable for the doctor to use for extended periods.

Versatile Handpiece Options:

  • Both straight and contra-angle micromotor handpieces can be used, allowing for a wide range of dental applications and enhancing the unit’s versatility.

Uses of the Strong Clinical Micromotor Handpiece and Control Box:

  • For Denture Trimming: Precisely trim and adjust dentures for a perfect fit.
  • Crowns and Bridge Trimming: Efficiently trim crowns and bridges to ensure proper alignment and fit.
  • Finishing and Polishing of Prostheses: Achieve a smooth and polished finish on various dental prostheses, enhancing the aesthetic and functional outcomes.

Technical Specification

Max Speed of the Motor40,000 rpm
Max Torque3 Ncm
Weight of the Motor68 gms
LEDFiber Optic
Internal Water IrrigationAvailable
Gear Ratios1:5, 1:1, 16:1, 20:1
Programs3 Memory Functions (M1, M2, M3)
Contra-angle Handpiece1:1 Gear Ratio (40,000 rpm)
Straight Handpiece1:1 Gear Ratio (40,000 rpm)

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The micromotor is equipped with a powerful electric motor, providing the smallest motor size for extra comfort and convenience to the dentist. It offers adjustable speed with a maximum of 200,000 rpm (1:5 Gear Ratio) for precise tooth preparation, ensuring quick and smooth operations.

The micromotor is designed to be very lightweight, preventing hand fatigue for the dentist during prolonged use. Additionally, it has a Memory Function, allowing users to customize settings and save them instantly for further use.

The micromotor offers both Contra-angle and Straight handpieces with a functional design and anti-scratch surface. It comes in both Desk type and Inbuilt models, providing flexibility for different dental settings. The micromotor’s different gear ratios further enhance flexibility, allowing the execution of various dental procedures with ease.

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