Xpect Vision Intraoral Sensor

Xpect Vision Intraoral Sensor


Xpect vision is world’s first company who introduce “Photon Counting Intraoral Sensor,” technology to dentistry. A Game Changer for Intraoral Sensor as it delivers more information compare to other existing technology.

The company has a wide portfolio of patents, including 150+ PCT and 500+ national patents, covering profound underlying technology like semiconductor device, integrated semiconductor, processing & microelectronics packaging. Xpect vision is manufacturing different kind of detectors, Currently the company has applied this technology in medical, industry, laboratory and etc. Its high technical requirements and costs, photon-counting is an emerging technology in clinical CT. The first sensor to apply the latest photon-counting technology to dentistry, resulting in direct imaging, avoiding the interference of light scattering from conventional indirect imaging, and ensuring image acquisition stability.
Xpect Vision Intraoral Sensor
Xpect Vision Intraoral Sensor
Xpect Vision Intraoral Sensor
Xpect Vision Intraoral Sensor

Key Highlights


5,00,000+ times of images taken, no quality degradation

Direct imaging innovation delivers image within 3 seconds

Lower X-Ray dose due to less layers

X-ray imaging directly without conversion to visible light

No harsh environment requirements, longer service life

High strength durable cable passed 1 Lakh+ cable bending test

Ingress protection test passed (IP 68)

Reinforced cable which makes it durable

User friendly software with reporting feature available

Water proof

Technical Specification

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The system operates on the PHOTON COUNTING DETECTION principle, which enables precise and efficient X-ray imaging by counting individual photons, ensuring high-quality diagnostic images.

The Photon Counting Dental X-Ray System has taken 5,00,000+ images with no quality degradation. This capability ensures consistent and reliable imaging performance for a large number of diagnostic procedures.

The system features a direct imaging innovation that delivers images within 3 seconds. This rapid imaging capability enhances workflow efficiency and provides quick access to diagnostic information.

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