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Woodpecker Ultrasurgery 60W

Woodpecker Ultrasurgery 60W


Introducing Woodpecker’s 1st generation piezosurgery unit, Ultrasurgery, is designed to revolutionize maxillofacial surgeries. This advanced surgical unit promises precision, innovation, and reliability, setting new standards in surgical procedures.

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Key Highlights

Precision Cutting: Achieve unparalleled precision in cutting without causing any harm to delicate soft tissues such as blood vessels and mucous membranes.

LED Handpieces: Sealed for optimal performance, these handpieces illuminate your surgical area, ensuring clarity and precision in every procedure.

Micron Cutting: Promote faster healing and significantly reduce post-operative trauma with ultra-fine cuts.

Versatile Tips: The unit comes equipped with 14 diverse tips, catering to a wide array of osteotomy procedures.

Cold Cutting Mode: Minimize heat production during surgeries, safeguarding tissues from potential necrosis.

Easy-to-Disinfect Screen: A user-friendly screen with feather touch controls ensures seamless operation and easy disinfection.

Multifunctional Foot Control: Enhance aseptic operation with a foot control designed for multifunctionality.

Gold-Plated Tips: Built for endurance, these wear-resistant tips are designed to last, ensuring consistent performance.

Versatile Applications: From intricate osteotomy procedures to sectioning ankylosed teeth, Ultrasurgery X is your go-to solution for a multitude of surgical applications.

Technical Specification

Supply voltage220 – 240V~ 50Hz/60Hz
Supply voltage (optional)100 – 120V~ 50Hz/60Hz
Max. power absorbed100VA
Amount of water25ml/min-125ml/min
Main unit weight3.8kg
Dimensions330mm x 254mm x167mm

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Ultrasurgery X achieves unparalleled precision in cutting, ensuring no harm to delicate soft tissues such as blood vessels and mucous membranes. This allows for precise surgical procedures without unnecessary damage.

The LED handpieces in Ultrasurgery X are sealed for optimal performance, providing illumination to the surgical area. This ensures clarity and precision during every procedure, enhancing the overall surgical experience.

The Cold Cutting Mode in Ultrasurgery X minimizes heat production during surgeries, preventing potential tissue necrosis. Equipped with 14 versatile tips, Ultrasurgery X is suitable for a wide array of osteotomy procedures, making it a go-to solution for various surgical applications, including intricate osteotomy procedures and the sectioning of ankylosed teeth.

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