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Woodpecker U6 Scaler

Woodpecker U6 Scaler


The Woodpecker DTE U6 LED Scaler is a technologically advanced dental instrument designed for the modern era of dentistry. With its intelligent power output and multifunctional capabilities, it stands out as a scaler that perfectly balances comfort and efficiency. Its innovative design makes it a preferred choice for dental professionals seeking to enhance patient experience and treatment effectiveness.

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Key Highlights

Smart Touch System for Simplified Operation:

The U6 LED Scaler is equipped with a smart touch system, making its operation intuitive and user-friendly. This feature allows dental professionals to easily adjust settings, enhancing the workflow and efficiency of scaling procedures.

Detachable and Autoclavable Aluminum Alloy Handpiece:

The scaler features a detachable handpiece made from aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance. It is autoclavable and incorporates the latest sealing techniques, which are essential for maintaining high standards of hygiene and prolonging the handpiece’s lifespan.

Automatic Frequency Tracking for Enhanced Scaling:

With automatic frequency tracking, the U6 LED Scaler adapts to optimal frequencies for more effective scaling. This adaptability ensures the removal of calculus and plaque is efficient and comfortable for the patient.

Versatile Applications in Endodontics:

The scaler is not just limited to scaling; it also enhances various aspects of root canal treatment, such as canal orifice locating, foreign body removal, and root canal irrigation. This versatility makes it an invaluable tool in endodontic procedures.

Sine Wave Drive for Reduced Patient Discomfort:

A unique feature of the U6 LED Scaler is its sine wave drive, which minimizes stimulation and increases patient comfort during treatment. This technology ensures that the scaling experience is as pain-free as possible, enhancing patient satisfaction.

Technical Specification

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The dental device provides three modes: General, Perio, and Endo, catering to various dental applications.

The device comes with a set of 7 tips, including GD 5, GD 12, PD 4, PD 7, PD 12, and 2 nos. of ED 60, offering versatility for different dental procedures.

The device is suitable for Supragingival Scaling, Subgingival Scaling, and Endodontic irrigation, making it a versatile tool for a range of dental treatments.

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