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Woodpecker PT-3 Scaler

Woodpecker PT-3 Scaler


The Woodpecker PT-3 Scaler is a beautifully crafted multifunctional dental scaler, designed to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of dental procedures in oral prophylaxis and periodontal therapy. With its advanced features, including an automatic water supply system and a smart touch screen, this scaler is a testament to Woodpecker’s commitment to innovative dental solutions.

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Key Highlights

Smart Touch Display with Ultrasensitive Control:

The PT-3 Scaler is equipped with a smart touch display, offering ultrasensitive touch control for precision and ease of use. This feature allows dentists to effortlessly adjust settings, ensuring smooth operation during dental treatments.

Waterproof Design for Durability:

The scaler’s waterproof design enhances its durability and reliability. This feature ensures that the scaler remains protected against moisture and water exposure, which is common in dental settings.

Portable Ultrasonic Scaler with Versatile Modes:

As a portable ultrasonic scaler, the PT-3 offers various modes to cater to different dental procedures. This versatility makes it an invaluable tool for a wide range of dental treatments.

Ideal for Multi-Chair Clinical Set-Up:

The PT-3 Scaler is perfectly suited for multi-chair clinical setups, making it a practical choice for busy dental practices. Its adaptability and ease of use make it a preferred scaler in diverse clinical environments.

Sinewave Drive Technology for Comfortable Treatment:

The scaler incorporates sinewave drive technology, which avoids instantaneous current output. This technology provides a more painless treatment experience for patients, enhancing their comfort during procedures.

Automatic Frequency Tracking for Effective Scaling:

With automatic frequency tracking, the scaler adapts to the optimal frequency for efficient removal of hard calculus from tooth surfaces. This feature ensures effective scaling with minimal discomfort.

Intelligent Degenerative Feedback for Precision:

The intelligent degenerative feedback system monitors and automatically adjusts the power output to the tip. This precision is crucial for accurate and effective scaling.

Cleaning Mode for Maintenance:

The scaler features a cleaning mode that allows for easy rinsing and disinfection of the water pipe, ensuring proper maintenance and hygiene of the equipment.

Detachable and Autoclavable Handpiece:

The PT-3 Scaler comes with a detachable and autoclavable handpiece, which is essential for maintaining high standards of infection control in dental practices.

Technical Specification

ModesGeneral, Perio & Endo
Comes with 8 Tips3 scaling, 3 Perio & 2 Endo Irrigation
Bottle Capacity700 ml
Power Output3W – 20W
Vibration Frequency28kHz ± 3kHz
Weight of the main unit1.8 KG

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The smart touch display with ultrasensitive touch control enhances user interaction and ease of operation. It allows for intuitive control of the ultrasonic scaler, providing a user-friendly interface for precise adjustments during dental procedures.

The sinewave drive technology in this scaler prevents instantaneous current output, ensuring a smooth and controlled power delivery. This feature contributes to a painless treatment experience for the patient by eliminating sudden surges in power, providing a more comfortable and gentle scaling process.

The automatic frequency tracking ensures efficient removal of hard calculus from the tooth surface by automatically adjusting the frequency as needed. The intelligent degenerative feedback monitors and adjusts the power output, ensuring accurate power delivery to the tip. These features collectively enhance the scaler’s performance, making it a reliable tool for dental professionals in delivering precise and effective treatments.

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