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The Woodpecker DTE D5 LED Scaler is a state-of-the-art dental instrument renowned for its effectiveness and ease of use. As a highly demanded piezoelectric scaler, it is widely acclaimed by dental professionals globally for its advanced features and reliable performance.

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Key Highlights

Automatic Degenerative Feedback System:

  • The D5 LED scaler is equipped with an automatic degenerative feedback system. This innovative feature ensures a constant power output during scaling procedures, resulting in more efficient and consistent performance.

Consistent Power Output for Effective Scaling:

  • Its ability to maintain a constant power output means the scaler can effectively remove calculus and plaque without fluctuations in intensity. This consistency contributes to a more comfortable scaling experience for patients.

Detachable and Autoclavable Handpiece:

  • Hygiene is paramount in dental care, and the D5 LED scaler addresses this by featuring a detachable and autoclavable handpiece. This design allows for thorough sterilization, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination between patients.

Advanced Sealing Techniques in Handpiece:

  • The handpiece adopts the latest sealing techniques, enhancing its durability and reliability. This advancement ensures the handpiece remains protected from the ingress of fluids and contaminants, prolonging its lifespan.

Soft and Painless Scaling Experience:

  • The Woodpecker D5 LED scaler is designed to provide a soft and painless scaling experience. This feature is especially beneficial for patients with sensitive teeth or those who experience discomfort during dental procedures.

Enhanced Visibility with LED Handpiece:

  • One of the standout features of the D5 LED scaler is its LED handpiece, which offers better visibility during scaling procedures. The LED light illuminates the treatment area, allowing for more precise and effective scaling, particularly in hard-to-see areas.

Technical Specification

Handpiece materialSpecial imported plastic from America
Works on 3 modesGeneral, Perio & Endo
Power input100V to 240V~ 50Hz/60Hz 1.2A (Max)
Output Power3W to 20W
Frequency28 kHz + 3 kHz
Dimension188 mm X 159 mm X 81 mm
Main unit weight0.65 kg
With 5 Titanium Scaling tips (3 S, 1 P, 1 Stain Removal) & 1 Endo attachment 
Non – Optic model

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Automatic degenerative feedback is a feature that ensures the scaling device adapts to changes in resistance during use, optimizing performance. This technology enables consistent and efficient scaling by automatically adjusting power based on the encountered conditions, providing a smoother and more effective scaling experience.

Constant power output ensures that the scaling device maintains a steady and reliable power level throughout the procedure. This feature is advantageous as it prevents fluctuations in power, resulting in consistent and predictable scaling performance. Users can expect reliable results and improved control during various dental procedures.

The detachable and autoclavable handpiece design allows for easy removal and sterilization of the handpiece components. This feature ensures optimal infection control by facilitating thorough cleaning and autoclaving, promoting a hygienic environment for dental procedures. The latest sealing techniques employed in the handpiece design further enhance its durability and longevity.

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