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Woodpecker D3 LED Scaler

Woodpecker D3 LED Scaler


The Woodpecker DTE D3 Optic Scaler is a technologically advanced dental instrument that elevates the standard of dental scaling with its innovative design and functionality. Incorporating an optic feature, this scaler not only offers the comfort and efficiency of the D3 series but also enhances visibility for precise dental treatments, making it highly valued by dental professionals.

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Key Highlights

Integrated Optic Handpiece for Enhanced Visibility:

  • The D3 Optic Scaler includes an optic handpiece, providing superior illumination of the treatment area. This enhanced visibility is crucial for precise scaling, especially in difficult-to-reach areas of the mouth.

Ergonomic and Compact Design:

  • The scaler features a stylish, compact design that is both ergonomic and easy to handle. This design ensures ease of use during dental procedures, reducing hand fatigue and improving overall maneuverability.

Detachable and Autoclavable Handpiece for Hygiene:

  • With a focus on hygiene, the handpiece is easily detachable and autoclavable, preventing cross-contamination. This feature is essential for maintaining high standards of cleanliness in dental practices.

Piezoelectric Technology for Comfortable Scaling:

  • Utilizing advanced piezoelectric technology, the scaler offers comfortable scaling, especially beneficial for patients with dentinal hypersensitivity. This technology ensures gentle yet effective cleaning.

Automatic Frequency Tracking and Feedback System:

  • The scaler includes automatic frequency tracking and an automatic degenerative feedback system, providing consistent power and efficiency. These features ensure the removal of hard deposits with minimal discomfort.

Athermic Tips and Variable Power Settings:

  • Athermic stainless steel tips prevent heat generation during scaling, enhancing patient comfort. The control panel’s variable power settings allow clinicians to tailor the power for painless and comfortable treatments.

Lightweight and User-Friendly Installation:

  • Its lightweight design and easy installation into dental units make the D3 Optic Scaler a practical and convenient choice for dental clinics.

Microcomputer Control for Optimal Performance:

  • The inclusion of microcomputer control ensures effective functioning of the unit, guaranteeing optimal performance during scaling procedures.

Technical Specification

ModesGeneral & Perio
Tips3 general scaling, 1 Perio & 1 stain removal
Main Unit Input24V 50Hz 1.3A
Output Power3W-20W
Frequency28kHz + 3kHz
Main Unit Weight198mm×134mm×80mm
Warranty1 year on all parts of the product (Physical damage is not covered in any case)

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Yes, the ultrasonic scaler comes with an easily detachable and autoclavable slim shank handpiece to prevent cross-contamination, ensuring a hygienic practice.


Absolutely! The device offers a range of powers on the control panel, allowing you to choose the right power for the treatment. This feature ensures a painless and comfortable scaling procedure for the patient.


The ultrasonic scaler features an automatic degenerative feedback system that provides constant power to the device. This ensures efficient and consistent performance throughout the scaling procedure.

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