Advantages To Buy Soft Tissue Laser Than Electro-Cautery

Soft tissue Diode Laser is Simple, intuitive, and ergonomic. Incorporate laser therapy on a daily basis offers numerous benefits to the overall health of the practice, clinicians, and patients.

     Utilizes the latest advances in technology and dentistry, enhances the patient experience and a higher standard of care.

  Diode Laser pain therapy                                                           

  • Increase vasodilatation which creates an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Stimulates cellular function and temporary increase in blood circulation.
  • Promotes wound healing and tissue regeneration.
  • Modulates the Immune system. 
  • Topical heating elevates, tissue temperature creating a temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness.

Laser Bacterial Reduction

  • Sulcular decontamination
  • Reduces the risk of bacteraemia.
  • Encourage healthy cellular function.

Laser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy (LAPT)

  • Sulcular Debridement.
  • Eliminates periodontal pathogens.
  • Encourages reattachment and cultivates a healthy microbiome.

Laser Treatment Benefits – The Diode Laser beneficial for dentists as well as Patients.

  Benefit for Dentist:   Benefit for the Patient:  
Practice growth and differentiation.   Minimal or no bleeding  
Precise incision, excision, and ablation   No Swelling, faster healing
Quality of work   Reduced post-operative infection  
Clean, clear and Bloodless Operating field   Minimal or no anesthesia  
Reduced Stress   Minimal Pain and inconvenience
Greater efficiency   Less time in the chair, Less anxiety  
A versatile tool for Several applications   Whitening single visit procedure  
Can be used in any compromised patient   Less time predictable result  
Increased patient comfort.   High-quality treatment  
Difference between an Electro-Surgery and Laser

Both Electrocautery and Diode Lasers are mostly used for Dental soft tissue procedures. Electrocautery utilizes power or high-recurrence electrical flows to direct delicate tissue a medical procedure. A gadget that makes nuclear power to cut the tissue, bringing about parallel warm injury to the tissue and furthermore may consequence of deferred recuperating and post up irritation.

Comparison: Dental Laser Vs Cautery

Local anesthesia not mandatory   Local Anaesthesia mandatory  
Healing is faster and better   Healing takes a longer duration of time  
Non-invasive- zone of necrosis limits to only3—5 cell deep   Invasive- Zone if necrosis is in multilayer  
Sutures are not mandatory   Sutures are mandatory  
Can be used in safe proximity of cementum, dentin, and alveolar bone   Cannot be used in close proximity with bone- can lead to sequestration of healthy bone  
Can be used safely in systemically compromised patients   Cannot be used in pts with a pacemaker and other valvular replacement  
With Bio-stimulation mode can assure better predictable healing   Healing Delayed
Has multiple applications in- Endodontics, Periodontal procedure, dentistry eg. Bleaching, root canal disinfection, desensitization, etc     It has very limited applications in dentistry. Moreover, the thermal damage caused can be irreversible at times.  


Diode laser with wavelengths ranging from 800nm to 1024 nm as a possible instrument for soft tissue oral surgery. It works on the concept of absorption of chromophores of the tissues.

 The Laser radiant energy produced coagulation, ablation, vaporization, protein denaturation, Less pain and faster healing So that Diode Laser always advantageous over cautery because of better control, potentially lower pain and inflammation, and improved wound healing. Best Soft Tissue Dental Laser offers by Unicorn Denmart.


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