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The VMax Suction systems, encompassing models 450, 1250, and 1450, are designed to deliver exceptional suction performance for dental practices. These wet-line suction systems, with their varying capacities and internal noise reduction features, offer an efficient and quiet solution for dental procedures. They are tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern dental clinics, providing reliable and concentrated suction power.

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Key Highlights

Variety of Models for Different Needs:

  • The VMax Suction systems come in three models: 450, 1250, and 1450. Each model offers different suction capacities (500 l/min, 1000 l/min, and 1500 l/min respectively) and horsepower (1 HP, 2 HP, and 3 HP), making them suitable for various practice sizes and demands.

High Dental Suction Power:

  • All models provide high dental suction power, ensuring stable and concentrated suction. This capability is crucial for efficient and effective removal of saliva, blood, and other debris during dental procedures.

Internal Noise Reduction System:

  • The systems are equipped with an internal noise reduction feature, enabling silent operations. This aspect is particularly important for maintaining a calm and comfortable environment for both patients and dental staff.

Support for Multiple Dental Chairs:

  • Designed to support up to 2 dental chairs, these suction systems are versatile and can accommodate the needs of small to medium-sized dental practices.

Frequency Conversion Technology:

  • Incorporating frequency conversion technology, the VMax Suctions can adjust the flow based on the actual number of chairs being used. This technology ensures efficient energy use and adaptability to varying clinical demands.

Technical Specification

Power (HP)0.88
Max Pumping (L/min)800
Vacuum Degree (KPa)-13
Suitable ChairsUp to 2 Chair
Noise (dB)53

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The Wet line Vmax 450 Dental suction system is characterized by high dental suction power that is stable and concentrated. It also features an internal noise reduction system, ensuring efficient and quiet operation for a more comfortable dental environment.

The use of frequency conversion technology allows the system to adjust the flow according to the chairs that are actually being used. This adaptability ensures optimal performance and suction power tailored to the specific requirements of the dental chairs in use, enhancing overall efficiency.

Yes, other models are also available – VMax 1250 & VMax 1450. These additional models provide options with varying specifications and capabilities to cater to different dental setup requirements.

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