UV Chamber For Daily Dental Practice

In Dentistry, there is a significant risk of infection from infected patients. Dentists & Dental Assistants are at risk of being exposed to these contaminated surfaces, hence this level of care and priority is necessary. When Dental Instruments are mismanaged, cross-contamination unfolds, causing illnesses to spread across the dental team.

To protect themselves, Dental Clinics have devised a variety of disinfection measures over the years.  Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation is utilized in Daily Dental Practice to assure the maximum safety of the instruments used for various dental operations, as well as an additional step in the Infection C ontrol process following sterilization. It prolongs the life of sterilized dental instruments and equipment.

What is Dental UV Chamber?

Unciorn Denamrt UV Chamber

In a dental clinic, using a UV Cabinet is beneficial for the patients because an extra precaution has been taken to safeguard their safety and reduce the chance of Cross-Contamination.

In order to reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission during dental care, proper and dependable infection control is essential. UV Rays have long been recognized as a potent microbicidal remedy that does not require the use of chemicals or heat.

Dental Instruments contaminated with Bacteria or Viruses might put dental workers’ health at risk. UV-C light has been revealed as a unique technique to eliminate any form of microbial infection while also reducing the possibility of cross-contamination.

Empirical Evidence of UV-C light:

Since the mid-twentieth century, Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) has been used for a variety of sterilization procedures, including surface sanitization, storage of Sterilized Equipment & Instruments, disinfection of dental impressions, and so on. UV-C radiation of 254 nm is damaging to bacteria, vegetative spores, viruses, mould, mould spores, yeasts, and algae. Because UV radiation has a low penetrating potential, organic compounds are protected from being absorbed.

“Assessment of Efficacy of Ultraviolet Chamber in Disinfecting Dental Instruments” was the subject of a study conducted by the researchers. UV chambers are effective enough to be utilized in dental clinics to sterilize dental equipment & instruments, according to the study’s findings.

Another study published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, titled “Usage of Clinical UV Chamber to Disinfect Dental Impressions: A Comparative Study,” evaluated at the use of UV chambers and the time intervals needed to disinfect a set of Dental Equipment. The findings revealed that for different impression materials, disinfection took place at different intervals of time.

Structure of UV Chamber:

Structure of UV Chamber

The outside body of this Dental UV Chamber is built of epoxy-coated high gauge MS sheets, while the inside chamber is composed of Rust-Proof Stainless Steel for further durability. Inside the chamber, there are Stainless Steel Trays to store the Sterilized Dental Instruments and a UV-C tube to prevent germs or viruses from growing on the instruments and preserve sterilization. When the door is opened, the UV-C Tube Automatically Shuts off to prevent human skin from being exposed. This UV Chamber additionally has a peeping window to confirm that the UV-C tube is functioning properly and that the instruments are exposed to UV-C germicidal light on a continual basis.

How UV-C light Works:

uv work

UVGI works by reacting with bacteria’s DNA and destroying the nucleic acid, preventing them from multiplying. To destroy microbial DNA, a shorter wavelength of UV-C, 254 nm, is utilized. The effectiveness of ultraviolet radiation is dependent on the duration of exposure, and resistant microbes may be treated multiple times to break them down. This implies that the longer a microbial colony is exposed, the more bacteria are harmed, and even if they show resistance, they may be attacked many times or for a longer period of time.

Benefits of having a UV Chamber in dental clinic:
  • Apart from small energy consumption, no significant operating cost.
  • An environment-friendly way of disinfection without the use of any chemicals or heat.
  • Effortless disinfection method.
  • Maintains the sterility of instruments for a longer duration.
  • Is economical, easily affordable.
  • Reliable and delivers 100% result each time.
  • Saves time of the dental practitioner or assistant

The UV Chamber is a highly effective disinfection technology that also provides a hygienic working environment. The Dentists are responsible for the well-being of the patients and clinical staff that work in the same Dental Clinic.  At least 5 to 10 tools are required to treat a dental patient. What if your dental clinic handles 20 to 30 patients on a regular basis? Consider how many different infections there are. Better equip your clinic with the top technologies in the market, such as the Unicorn Denmart UV Chamber, which is clinical-grade and provides 99.9% germ disinfection. It is additionally equipped with an LED light that ensures appropriate visibility when the chamber door is open.

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