Top 5 Laser Assisted Makeovers For A Better Smile

Dental professionals are well aware that dental phobia and anxiety strongly correlate with patients’ levels of discomfort both before and after treatment, and that it also accounts for a significant part of their decision-making not to revisit preventative care.

This is just one of the many reasons to pay close attention while selecting products that can contribute to a comfortable and healthier clinical environment.

Top Advantages of using Dental Diode Laser for Soft Tissue Surgical Procedures

Lasers are widely used in dentistry for various dental procedures. Laser dentistry uses laser energy to perform a wide range of dental procedures with less trauma to teeth and gums. These procedures are pain-free compared to the old traditional; drill or scalpel method

What type of lasers are used?

Dental professionals use either soft tissue laser or hard tissue laser, depending on the need for treatment. Hard tissue lasers are used for cutting tooth structures or bones. Their emission is absorbed through the combination of water and specific mineral found in teeth/bone. Soft tissue lasers seal nerve endings and blood vessels while they penetrate the tissue.

Benefits of using Laser dentistry over other traditional methods

  • There is a potentially decreased need for sutures with soft tissue laser
  • Bleeding is minimised in soft tissue area as laser promotes haemostasis & coagulation.
  • The chances of infection are lower as laser sterilizes the area
  • No damage to the surrounding tissue structures
  • Wounds heal faster, and tissue regeneration occurs soon.

The major laser assisted makeovers which has increased its use in dentistry are:

Gummy smile reduction:


Contouring or shaping a patient’s gums using laser dentistry is possible as it helps to improve the appearance of a smile by safely removing excess gingival tissue that gives an impressive smile. Also, it helps in removing irregular size and shape of front teeth because of the gingiva.

Crown lengthening:


The clinical crown, which is occasionally covered by gingival tissue, is the part of the tooth that is visible. It can result in issues with oral health and appearance. Crown lengthening is done to alleviate this. Crown lengthening involves removing excess gingival tissue to reveal more tooth structure. The traditional method of using a scalpel is now replaced with the use of a dental laser which has benefits like

  • Faster Healing
  • Patient Comfort
  • Bloodless operational site


Teeth Whitening


Laser-assisted bleaching is a procedure done to brighten the teeth. During this procedure, a gel is applied to the teeth surfaces and a laser is directed on the teeth, which activates the gel. The goal of laser teeth whitening is to improve the shade of the teeth with minimal sensitivity. This procedure is very effective and the result lasts longer than traditional bleaching techniques.



Lasers can be used to eliminate any type of defect, including connections that prevent patients from moving their tongue or cause the gum to recede and create gaps between their teeth.  Laser treatment makes it simple to remove the obstructive frenum in a comfortable, painless, and bloodless way. This procedure is known as Frenectomy. The Laser-assisted procedure is much easier and more comfortable than the traditional scalpel technique.

Gingival Depigmentation:


Gingival hyperpigmentation frequently poses an aesthetic problem in patients with a gummy smile. There occurs excess production of melanin which causes the blackish appearance of the gingiva. Dental laser energy has an affinity for haemoglobin and melanin. This is characterized by a wavelength of 800-980nm which targets especially soft tissues. This becomes ideal for gingival depigmentation

Biolase Epic X Diode laser:


Biolase Epic X PNG

Dentistry by Laser is one of the most advanced dental treatments today. For highly accurate exceptionally dental experiences. Epic X uses a unique technology that combines focused light and thermal energy. Epic X enables the dentist to perform a wide variety of advantageous procedures.

The various advantages of Biolase Epic X are:

  • Unmatched combination of power and portability and optimized proprietary wavelength
  • Available in various tip sizes, autoclavable & bendable for different applications
  • The only dental laser with FDA clearance
  • The best in-office teeth whitening solution
  • TMJ Pain Therapy
  • It provides minimal bleeding, less post-operative pain, and no swelling
  • With Comfort Pulse and Continuous mode.

Biolase Epic X laser is an all-in-one solution for all your dental soft tissue surgery needs, providing comfort and relief to patients as well as incredibly precise outstanding dental treatments using the laser.

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