Things You Need To Know About Dental RVG Usage & Safety Guidelines

Dentistry is one such field which relies completely on radiographs. Radiographs with tactile perception aids dentist in performing high quality dental treatment. Dental imaging is being used for more than 100 years now and there has been a drastic improvement in its usage. The old technique of taking dental radiographs was by using x ray films which require a good amount of exposure and still it is being used by few dentist

Ionizing radiation have sufficient energy to affect the atoms in a living cell and cause damage to DNA. If this damage is not repaired, a cell may die and eventually become cancerous. Exposure to such high radiation can cause acute health effects. If one is exposed to a very high dose of radiation for a longer period of time, these radiations can be harmful.

Is it still alright to follow the x ray technique of imaging or dentist should move towards better form of radiographic techniques in dentistry?

Introduction of Digital radiography or RVG in dentistry

The use of RVG came into dentistry since 1987 and since then there has been lots of changes in it making it user friendly. Use of RVG has many advantages compared to using a x ray film like:


Minimised radiation – RVG can reduce up to 80% of exposure compared to normal x ray films

Faster results – Time is precious for patients as well as dentist, hence use of RVG can optimise your time

Minimal post processing error – Brightness, contrast everything can be adjusted after clicking of image

Analog to Digital – Its easier to share date with anyone anywhere if you are using RVG

Having all these advantages makes RVG a very compatible and safer option compared to the older techniques. So, to use RVG there are certain safety guidelines which has to be followed to have the utmost advantage of using it. These are:

  • RVG sensor has to be maintained in good condition for its functioning and only you are responsible for its maintenance. Only legally qualified persons can operate this device. A proper training is required to use RVG. Also whenever required, a trained authorised technician to carry out the inspection as well as maintenance of the device
  • The device has to be installed according to current installation standards and it has to be kept at an appropriate distance to maintain visual or audio communication and be able to access the acquisition interface module during exposure
  • Always safety factor and operating instructions has to be followed as x rays can hazardous to patient and the operator
  • If you would like to dispose device or its components, contact a service technician
  • No modifications of this device are allowed
  • This device is not meant to be used with flammable agents, so never use it in conjunction with oxygen rich environments
  • It is always advisable to use same brands accessories along with device
  • Always cover the sensor with a single use disposable protective hygienic sleeve before placing it in patients’ mouth
  • To avoid cross contamination, use a new hygienic barrier for each patient and always disinfect the sensor
  • The allocation of static IP address and the management has to be done by a network administrator
  • For a smooth functioning of image recovery mechanism, do not switch off RVG connect unit and do not disconnect the ethernet cable from RVG connect unit
  • Make it a point to place the sensor in patients mouth only if RVG icon is green
  • If at any point you feel RVG sensor is too hot, disconnect sensor and contact an authorised service technician.
  • Avoid falling of the sensor as this will completely damage the sensor

Carestream RVG 5200 is a known user defined image processing sensor that allows you to program new default settings either using the pre-set tools or defining your own. This imaging system is now available in affordable range to meet all requirements of dentist. Digital RVG CS 5200 sensor is quite comfortable for patients and easy to use. The pattern to use it is simple as to position the sensor, expose, view with no control box and have new design. Its just a plug and play workflow system

The system comes with 3 modes for better diagnosis and optimising contrast for observing any endo or perio lesions. It provides a HD quality image and is completely waterproof and dust resistant. Images can be easily customised by your own determination for improved diagnostic accuracy.



When it comes to perfect choice for digital dental radiography, Carestream RVG 5200 is the ideal choice. It’s a light weight thin sized sensor making it a comfortable sensor to be used by dentist. If all the safety guidelines are followed, Carestream RVG 5200 is best option to go for.

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