The Most Basic Dental Equipment To Start Your New Clinic Setup

To have the right tools to work is always ensured in any industry. Same goes with the dental industry where all critical components are must to run a successful dental clinic. The right equipment can help you provide a safe pleasant experience for your patients. Visiting a dentist can be at times scary for patients but if they are presented with a sterile warming environment, visit to dentist can be warming.
If you are new for setting up a dental clinic, the below list will serve as a great starter for building up your dental practice

Patient Chair:

Firstly, you need a sturdy, functional chair for your patients to lie on where patients can be seated for optimal position to carry out your work. Always ensure you choose a chair that is comfortable with multiple settings for carefully tilting patients back in the chair. Also ensure that you choose a material that is of good quality as something hard can be discomfortable. As we know Dental Chairs are a key investment, make sure you get it right.

Avyanna Dental Chair is highly ergonomic designed dental chair which is full electrically operated with state of art microprocessor-based chair control system with feather touch switches for chair operations with programs giving precise control over the chair.




A great and functional Dental Handpiece is must have for any practice. There are a range of handpieces to choose from depending on your usage and comfort. Handpiece should have precision to provide strength and durability required for clinical procedures to be carried out. The new FX Plus High-Speed Handpiece is what meet all modern standards with the well-equipped ARV (Anti retraction valve) which helps prevent reverse of debris into handpiece thus avoiding cross contamination.

NSK FX Plus Handpiece

Dental Compressor:

Dental compressor is like heart and lung of dentistry where dental practice cannot run without it. The handpieces which are used to treat patients, all work on the compressor and hence choosing the right compressor is critical component of your practice as it requires understanding of different designs available and how each part of design affects performance of the unit
Gnatus, the most trusted dental equipment brand, has oil free Dental Compressors that prevent seepage of any compound into the tank and saves the patient to get exposed to any pathogens. To provide quality dental treatment the compressed air should be hygienic.

Suction System:

A Dental Suction System collects blood, saliva and other debris generated during dental procedure, to reduce the amount of spray and spatter formed. Thus, suction system is the vital part of preventing formation of any splatter and removing the debris. Absence of suction system can easily lead to cross infection between patients or even between dental staff
A wet line suction system by Vmax  Suction is excellent with an aspiration power of 1000l/min and internal noise reduction system. It is a 2HP device with 21kpa vacuum power and supports up to 4 chairs.


Ultrasonic Scaler:

Teeth cleaning is a routine dental procedure and almost every patient is recommended for the same. Hence having a good scaler system in clinic is a must. Nowadays handpiece are available for scaling which provide a painless treatment, are autoclavable and gives a comfortable scaling experience because of the constant power output.
DTE D5 LED Scaler from Woodpecker is one of the most demanded piezon scaler and is widely accepted by dental professionals from all over the world. It is a LED handpiece with soft and painless scaling and better visibility.

Woodpecker D5 LED Scaler

Curing light:

Curing Light is basic equipment required for all tooth-coloured restorations. A good standard curing light which can set cement in short span of time is what is preferred these days as this makes the restoration durable and protects them from contamination.
O Light Plus Light Cure Unit, a product from DTE Woodpecker provides high precision, high intensity focused light for effective polymerization of resin materials containing new style photo-initiators TPO. It is one of the most reliable light cure units and widely accepted by the dentist from all over the world.

Woodpecker O Light Light Cure Unit

Imaging Range:

Dentistry has undergone continual change and in this the imaging techniques have improved drastically. Digital radiography has replaced conventional technique thus making the procedure simpler, time efficient and providing good output. Additionally, it has made it ready manipulate photos, like brightness, contrast and store the images without any damage.

Imaging Range includes RVG, OPG, CBCT etc. with proper application of imaging technology, accurate interpretation and use of recent imaging techniques, diseases can be identified in very early stage lowering any risk of radiation exposure.
Runyes intra oral sensor and portable x ray are a must have in dental practice. they provide high resolution images. With minimal radiation exposure and are handy to use which can be beneficial for multi chair dental practice.
Also, the intra oral sensor by Alpha Dual HD is the world’s first dual oral camera system features a smart HD highest resolution intraoral camera with unique technology and an inbuilt ruler measurement tool.

Carestream CS 5200 RVG

Ensuring your plan safely ideas the key to set up a new dental practice. You want to provide a clean, clear open space for your patients and optimise their experience by providing the best quality dental treatment. This is possible by choosing the correct tools which can enhance your work and maintain a sterile environment.

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