The Advanced Low Level Laser Therapy For Treating TMJ Disorders

Low Level Laser therapy (LLLT) is commonly used in management of musculoskeletal disorders it has been found to hold analgesic activity which promotes its use in various painful conditions. Temporomandibular disorders (TMJ) are treated by various modes of management however LLLT therapy appears to be attractive non-invasive mode of treatment.

How laser therapy works on TMJ dysfunction

Low level laser therapy is basically a non-contact mode light treatment delivered directly to the TMJ. It helps in tissue repair, pain reduction and reduction of inflammation. Administration of light assists blood flow thus increasing oxygen, glucose and nutrients supplied to the affected muscles. Also, it stimulates healing process and speeds up recovery time.

Basically, the protons generated stimulate collagen production, aiding ligaments and tissue to grow faster and stronger. This in turn reduces free radicals and oxidative stress. Overall, the cell metabolism is increased and this greatly reduces pain. Also, this heals the nerves surrounding the jaw disk.

The Advanced Low Level Laser Therapy For Treating TMJ Disorders

What are the benefits of low-level laser therapy?

  • Reduction in long lasting pain and accelerated healing
  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Speeds up recovery time
  • It’s a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment
  • Being pain free it can be applied on very sore muscles and joints without causing further trauma
  • No side effects are experienced.

How long does session take?

Usually, treatment time depends according to case to case basis and should be done according to parameters.

Safety of low-level laser therapy

It is a safe pain free therapy comprising of only application of light. Also, it doesn’t cause damage to surrounding skin or tissue.

How does TMJ laser therapy help?

The process of laser therapy removes damaged cells so that the cycle of chronic inflammation breaks. The therapy decreases amount of oxidative stress promoting cell survival and reducing damaged cells. Also there occurs an increase in cytokines, natural anti-inflammatory which are required for tissue repair. At same time it decreases prostaglandins, pro inflammatory cytokines to reduce pain.

TMJ therapy is precisely targeted using light energy, which lead to deep penetration in tissue surrounding TMJ and thus provides instant relief including relief from symptoms like headache.

TMJ therapy doesn’t hurt as cold lasers are used for safe painless treatment of TMJ disorders. These lasers are precised in targeting and provide immediate pain relief as healing is stimulated in muscles and tissue.

The Advanced Low Level Laser Therapy For Treating TMJ Disorders

Procedure for laser treatment

LLLT application is achieved through light, static and direct contact on skin. It is applied on selected points. The probe has to be placed perpendicular directly on skin about 1 cm in front of tragus. Then laser beam is directed through laser probe. All procedure has to be done wearing protective eyewear maintaining the safety protocols

Epic laser by Biolase is one such laser which is an advanced laser for giving pain relief in TMJ treatment. Epic lasers use a technology that combines focused light and thermal energy. These lasers work at wavelengths of 940 nm and have optimal battery power. This laser & H/P is FDA approved for giving pain relief and reduces the need of other modalities to relive TMJ disorders.

The Advanced Low Level Laser Therapy For Treating TMJ Disorders


Low level laser therapy appears to have an important role in management of patients with TMD. The use of laser is a promising one and Epic X laser will surely give you the desired benefit. All medical and dental practioners should be aware of potential value of lasers in managing TMD patients.

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