Tealth Mini Head High Speed Air Rotor Handpiece

Tealth Mini Head High Speed Air Rotor Handpiece

Tealth Mini Head High Speed Air Rotor Handpiece


Tealth Mini Head Dental Handpiece is an innovative dental tool designed specifically for pediatric dentistry. It combines advanced features with a child-friendly design to make dental procedures less intimidating and more accessible for young patients. Key features include ceramic bearings that ensure smooth operation and a longer lifespan, a single spray system for effective cooling and irrigation, and a push-button chuck for quick and easy bur changes. Its non-LED design offers a cost-effective solution without sacrificing functionality.

Tealth Mini Head High Speed Air Rotor Handpiece

Key Highlights

Child-Friendly Mini Head: Specially designed for children, making dental procedures less intimidating and more accessible.

Ceramic Bearings: Ensure smooth operation and an extended lifespan, providing reliability and consistency.

Single Spray System: Offers effective cooling and irrigation, essential for patient comfort and procedural efficiency.

Push Button Chuck: Simplifies bur changes, enhancing workflow and reducing procedure time.

Non-LED Design: A cost-effective solution without compromising on functionality.

Inbuilt Clean Head System: Enhances infection control, crucial for maintaining high hygiene standards.

Bur Size: Ø 1.60 mm, ideal for precise dental procedures.

High Rotation Speed: Ranging between 360,000-400,000 r/min for efficient dental treatments.

Autoclavable: Can be sterilized at 135° Celsius, ensuring safety and hygiene.

Technical Specification

Product NameTealth Mini Head High Speed Air Rotor Handpiece
Head DesignMini Head, optimized for pediatric dentistry
BearingsCeramic, for smooth operation and durability
Spray SystemSingle Spray for cooling and irrigation
Bur Change MechanismPush Button Chuck
Design FeatureNon-LED for cost efficiency
Infection ControlInbuilt Clean Head System
Bur SizeØ 1.60 mm
Rotation Speed360,000-400,000 r/min
SterilizationAutoclavable at 135° Celsius


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The mini head design of the Tealth Handpiece is tailored for children, making dental procedures less daunting and more comfortable. It allows easier access to small mouths, improving the precision and effectiveness of treatments in pediatric dentistry.

Ceramic bearings in the Tealth Handpiece ensure smoother operation and a longer lifespan. This leads to a more reliable and consistent performance, which is crucial in achieving successful dental outcomes, especially in pediatric patients.

Yes, the Tealth Mini Head Handpiece is designed to be autoclavable at 135° Celsius. This feature is crucial for maintaining high standards of hygiene and infection control in dental practices.

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