RVG – A Diagnostic Solution For Your Daily Dental Practice

The dental diagnostic procedure is, without a doubt, the most crucial aspect of any dental treatment. It’s hard to deliver a solution that not only fixes the problem but also meets patient expectations until the problem is accurately identified. Taking an accurate diagnostic image, on the other hand, is not always simple.  A multitude of factors can affect image quality, which professionals should be aware of to reduce the number of retakes required

Carestream 5200 RVG - A Diagnostic Solution For Your Daily Dental Practice

The most contemporary imaging technique in dentistry, radiovisiography (RVG), provides several advantages over traditional radiography, including reduced radiation exposure for the patient and a wide selection of image processing options to aid the dentist in improved diagnosis and patient care.

Why is Dental RVG the best solution for dentists?

Most dental clinics prefer digital radiography, also known as RVG (Radio-Visio-Graphy), to traditional radiography for a variety of reasons.  Image processing, which is available with RVG, is a method that helps to improve, restore, analyze, or otherwise alter a digital image. The clinician can access and evaluate the information captured in the image more easily by viewing it on a computer.

A few reasons to choose RVG are

  • Faster Image Processing Time

Traditional X-ray images require time to get developed inside the darkroom before they could be viewed. In RVG, on the other hand, the images are developed and ready to view right away. As a result, the consultations, as well as the diagnosis are faster.

  • Improved Image Quality

Clarity and details in dental imaging are critical for making an accurate diagnosis and providing the necessary treatment. The visual quality of Dental RVG is far superior to that of traditional film. This allows for the detection of even the tiniest fractures and abnormalities that would otherwise go unnoticed on film. As a result, a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan can be adopted.

  • Cost-saving

Dental RVG necessitates a one-time investment in the necessary equipment. It eliminates the need for chemicals for image or film development, as well as extra paper for image copying. As a result, by investing in the RVG, the dentist saves time and money.

  • Convenience

Dental RVG is very easy to use. It also enables easy sharing of the digital image to any patient or other expert in the field in just one click. The best thing about RVG is that they can be saved more easily in the system and are less likely to be lost or misplaced.

  • Reduced Radiation Exposure

In RVG, the radiation exposure is reduced up to 80% compared to traditional radiography techniques.

Carestream CS 5200 RVG: