Runyes Feng 23L Class B Autoclave

Runyes Feng 23L Class B Autoclave

Runyes Feng 23L Class B Autoclave


Ningbo Runyes Medical Instrument Co. Ltd has focussed on Quality management combine with innovative designs of medical & dental equipment. The steam sterilizer has the most essential role in the clinic/hospital for sterilization of instruments and prevention of cross-contamination. Runyes has the European Class B autoclave with 23L capacity and upgraded features to make this autoclave the most reliable one.

Feng 23L Front Loading Autoclave
Feng 23L Front Loading Autoclave
Feng 23L Front Loading Autoclave
Feng 23L Front Loading Autoclave

Key Highlights

B+ Cycle for Sterilization:

Prion Cycle (B+ Cycle) designed for effective sterilization.

Safety Features:

Double door lock system including airlock & mechanical lock to prevent incorrect operation and potential danger.

Steam Spray Barrier to protect instruments from damage.

Efficiency and Maintenance:

Water Filter in the chamber to prevent drainage pipe blockages.

Steam Generator Cleaning Program enhances autoclave efficiency.

Cooling Condenser in the waste-water tank to prevent tank deformation under heat.

-92 Kpa Increased Vacuum Pump Efficiency for better sterilization.

Cycle Storage and Management:

USB Functionality to store over 2000 sterilization cycles.

Step Button for selecting date, month, year, and time for cycle storage.

Reduced Full Cycle Time for quicker operations.

Autoclave Design and Functionality:

Triple Vacuum Cycle in a B-type front-loading design.

Drying Time Selection options: 1 min, 5 min, and default 15 min.

Multiple Sensors for precise real-time pressure and temperature monitoring.

Friendly Operation Interface for simplicity and ease of use.

3 Temperature Selections: 121°C, 134°C, and B+.

Dual Radiator Fans for fast cooling and Aluminum Foil Insulation Cotton for heat preservation.

Stainless Steel Connectors in internal parts for corrosion resistance.

Testing and Quality Assurance:

B & D Test for temperature penetration capacity checking.

Leak Test to monitor potential leakage.

Sterilization Capabilities:

Suitable for sterilizing unwrapped/wrapped, solid/hollow, porous/non-porous instruments.

B+ cycle at 134°C with an 18 min sterilization holding time.

Water Management and Sensors:

Two separate water tanks: Distilled water tank (3.5L) and Waste-water tank (5L).

Water Quality Check Sensor and Water Level Sensor in the distilled water tank.

Additional Features:

Provision to connect with an External Printer (RS232 Port).

ISO & CE Certified, ensuring quality and compliance.

Technical Specification

Autoclave TypeB type fully automatic front-loading
 autoclave powered by triple vacuum cycle
Temperature Selection121°C / 134°C / B+
Safety FeaturesDouble door lock system
Sterilization Programs5 programs for Solid/Hollow, Porous/Non-Porous, etc. instruments
Cycle Time ReductionReduced full cycle time
QualificationBow and Dick test qualified
Control PanelUser-friendly Control Panel
Water Tanks2 storage tanks for distilled and waste water
Data StorageUSB functioning (2000 cycles)
Cleaning ProgramSteam generator cleaning program
Chamber Size250 mm x 450 mm
Vacuum Pump LevelHigh vacuum pump level: -92 kPa
Additional FeatureOptional micro printer

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The B+ cycle, also known as the Prion Cycle, is a specialized sterilization process designed for effective and thorough sterilization. It’s particularly beneficial in dental practices for its enhanced sterilization capabilities, ensuring the complete elimination of prions and other challenging biological contaminants.

The autoclave is equipped with a double door lock system, including airlock and mechanical lock, to prevent incorrect operation and potential danger. Additionally, it features a Steam Spray Barrier to protect instruments from damage, ensuring the safety and longevity of your dental tools.

Yes, the autoclave is versatile and capable of sterilizing a wide range of instruments, including unwrapped/wrapped, solid/hollow, and porous/non-porous tools. This makes it highly suitable for diverse dental sterilization needs, providing a comprehensive solution for your practice.

The autoclave boasts multiple advanced features for monitoring and control, such as a friendly user interface, a wide range of temperature settings (121°C, 134°C, and B+), and a variety of sensors for real-time pressure and temperature monitoring. It also offers USB functionality to store sterilization cycles and an option to connect with an external printer for record-keeping.

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