Revolution of Laser in Dentistry

There are more high-tech mega hits in the dental profession now than there have ever been in history. A spectacular technological transformation is taking place right in front of our eyes. These improvements enhance treatment experiences, which can lead to increased productivity, patient clinical acceptance and practice efficiency.

Revolution Of Laser In Dentistry

Lasers have changed our lives, particularly in the field of healthcare. From general surgery to aesthetic therapy, these powerful beams of single wavelength light have changed a wide range of tests and therapies. The revolution in lasers has also had an impact on dentistry.

For a very precise, exceptionally painless experience, Dental laser technology combines focused light and thermal energy. Dentists can use laser technology to conduct a wide range of operations, with advantages such as faster recovery and reduced trauma. 

Why is Laser Preferred Over Traditional Surgical Procedures?

Laser Surgical Procedures

Nobody wants surgery. When surgery is essential, traditional techniques such as utilisation of scalpel & blade can be extremely painful. It improves the degree of discomfort in patients, some of them are listed below:

  • Need of LA may increase anxiety in patients
  • Stressed clinical environment for patient
  • Increased fear for scalpel & blade
  • Severe Bleeding from the operational site
  • Post-operative trauma
  • More recovery time
  • Sutures that may give discomfort to patient 
  • Unable to lead normal lifestyle post-operative for few days

Patients get benefits from Laser Treatment because they are more comfortable, have minimal bleeding, heal faster and have better clinical results than traditional methods.

Wide Applications of Laser in Dentistry

 Oral Lesions

Oral Lesions

Ulcers like canker sores and cold sores are excruciatingly unpleasant. They can make it difficult to speak or eat, and they always seem to take a long time to heal. These sores on the inner cheek, lips, tongue and gums can be safely and effectively treated by a laser dentist, who can often relieve discomfort right away. 

For a few minutes laser energy is administered to the sore. The majority of patients get relieved from the pain right away. When sores are treated with a laser, they usually recover faster. Avoid using prescribed medicine for your sore throat to avoid potential adverse effects and drug interaction. 

Gum Disease

Gum Disease

The germs in the mouth can be controlled by a laser practitioner, preventing the progression of gingival disease, shaping of the gingiva and restoring the health of the gingiva. Laser dentistry has a number of advantages including elimination of gingival bleeding, reducing the discomfort caused by enlarged gingiva. It also promotes faster healing and better oral health care. After all these advantages, the laser also removes the inflamed tissue destroying the bacteria. 

Improve “GUMMY” Smile

Improve Gummy Smile

Laser soft tissue gingival contouring can help to achieve a better smile makeover by reshaping of the gingiva. Excess gingival tissues can be safely removed with the laser, giving a “Healthy & Beautiful” smile. 

Oral Surgery

When surgery is essential, however, traditional therapies including knifes and stitches can be extremely painful. Patients benefit from laser treatments because they are more comfortable, have less bleeding, heal faster and have better clinical results than traditional therapies.

oral surgery


With laser treatment, tissue connections that restrict the movement of  tongue and affect speech, i.e. tongue tie. It can be released with the use of a laser. During many such treatments, utilising laser results in less bleeding and a lower requirement for anaesthesia or sutures.

Teeth Whitening: 

Teeth Whitening

Teeth can also be whitened using the laser process. Because the laser whitening chairside procedure is so quick, you’ll spend less time driving to and from the dental clinic. It also means less time away from work and less time in the dental chair, resulting in a more pleasant encounter.

Benefits of Dental Laser For Both Dentist & Patient

Laser Benefits For The Dentist

  • Practice growth and differentiation
  • Precise incision, excision and ablation
  • Improved quality of work
  • Clean, clear and bloodless operating field
  • Reduced stress
  • Greater efficiency
  • Fibre provides better access
  • Versatile tool for several applications

Laser Benefits For The Patient

  • Minimal or no bleeding
  • No swelling, faster healing
  • Reduced post-operative infection
  • Minimal or no anaesthesia
  • Minimal pain and inconvenience
  • Less time in chair, less anxiety
  • Whitening- single visit procedure
  • High quality treatment
  • Less time predictable result
  • Can be used in pregnant and pacemaker cases


New technology is causing revolutionary changes in dentistry, with many of our old instruments resembling ancient medieval devices. People will no longer accept dentists who do not keep up with the times as more people become aware of these patient-friendly solutions. The days of using scalpel and blade to do oral surgery are gone. Biolase Epic X diode laser is committed to providing the highest quality and most durable dental laser to the industry. It is also utilised to provide relief from minor discomfort using the device’s pain management option, in addition to different soft tissue surgical procedures.

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