Qualities of an Exceptional Dental Chair

The best dental chairs stand ahead and shoulders above ordinary ones because they provide exceptional comfort and adhere to extraordinarily high standards of hygiene. A dental practitioner who wants to equip his dental clinic with the best dental chairs has a limited variety to choose from. The best dental chairs within this variety are part of the Anthos Dental Chair range. While specifications of the Anthos L9 meet or exceed the best among all dental chairs, what makes it stand head and shoulders above others are the high standards of hygiene build into its design. Features that make it one of the most hygienic dental chairs in the world are mentioned below.

Flushing and Bioster

Every instrument internal spray gets infected after being used to treat a patient. It automatically performs intensive disinfection of the instrument’s internal spray circuits using an antiseptic liquid (Peroxy Ag+). After disinfection, the Anthos L9 flushes any stagnant liquid from the ducts using rapid rinsing action.

A Fully Removable Cuspidor Bowl Unit

The bowl unit attached is fully removable. This feature allows the bowling unit to be quickly and effectively sanitized. It is made of parts that are easy to clean and disinfect. Depending on the preference of dental practitioners, they can opt for an Anthos L9 fitted with a standard ceramic bowl or an optional glass bowl.

Removable Instrument Levers

Every dental chair has a functional instrument lever used to secure instruments. On the chair, the optional side-flex instrument levers can be removed so as to be cleaned optimally.   

Flushing and Disinfection of Suction System, Automatically

The suction system on the Anthos L9 is among the most advanced in the world. It comes fitted with an automatic system that flushes and disinfects the suction system. This is ideal for busy dental practices dozens of patients visit every day because dental practitioners needn’t spend valuable time disinfecting suction systems between patients. The Anthos L9 disinfects the suction system automatically between patients.


The Anthos L9 is fitted with a standard mechanism that cleans residual liquids or solids from the handpiece after each use. The standard mechanism fitted on the chair emits an air jet to the end of the handpiece automatically after each use. This ensures the handpiece is used hygienically on every patient. This feature is only one among many because of which the Anthos L9 is ranked as one of the best dental chairs in the world.

A Removable Support

It is a continental module to which is affixed the instrument support. The instrument support can be removed and disinfected when needed.  


It has an independent alternative to the main tanks in the form of a device that feeds water to sprays. It works using a reservoir filled with distilled water.  This feature is extremely useful in locations where, for instance, the mains water is too hard.

The Anthos L9 is a superb dental chair, like all chairs in the Anthos family. There are some advantages to buying an Anthos L9 dental chair online. While having a tactile feel of a dental chair before deciding to purchase it is hugely advantageous, the advantage of buying a dental chair online is the shopping experience is so convenient. After spotting an attractive dental chair online, dental practitioners may watch videos that demonstrate its features. There are many videos on the Unicorn DenMart website that highlight the features and advantages of the Anthos L9 dental chair.   

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