Paedo Extraction Forceps: The Specialized Instruments for Primary Teeth Removal

Kids tend to lose their first tooth at around 6 years of age. As the adult teeth come in, they push the baby teeth out. A Child may notice his tooth is moving and start wiggling with it to remove it completely which is completely normal.

Now there are circumstances when children will need teeth removed. While many children lose their teeth naturally without any intervention, some children might need an extraction.



Reasons for removing kids tooth:

It is essential that proper space is available for adult teeth to come in. for instance if the primary tooth has not fallen and the permanent tooth is coming in, it’s necessary to remove the retained milk tooth.

Tooth removal is essential as avoiding it can lead to crowding of teeth and loss of space for the permanent tooth to come in.

Any tooth which is infectious or has an abscess and cannot be saved by root canal treatment requires tooth removal.

If the child has met with any kind of trauma and a tooth cannot be saved with conservative procedures.

This removal of the tooth has to be painless without causing any trauma to the adjacent teeth or soft tissue. This will help in the early healing of the wound and no postoperative complications.

There are differences in the extraction instruments and extraction techniques while removing the deciduous teeth.

The main difference which has to be considered for deciduous teeth removal is the choice of instrument. The adult extraction forceps are not meant to be used for deciduous tooth removal as the crown portion is more bulbous with short roots. Th use of adult extraction forceps may at times damage the permanent tooth bud present beneath the primary tooth.

This demands smaller extraction forceps which are meant to remove only the milk teeth of the children.

What extraction instruments are used for kids?

Forceps having smaller beaks with handles and more curved in design is preferred for kids tooth removal. Also, deep plunging beak forceps are to be avoided.

API Paedo Extraction Forceps:API_Forceps-removebg-preview-300x300

API provides a set of Paediatric extraction forceps. This is a set of high-quality Paediatric extraction forceps with springe and gentle texture for Pedodontics extractions

It comes in a set of 7 pieces, available for both, Upper & lower teeth extraction.

The advantages of these forceps are:

  • The Handle is with springe and gently textured groove
  • 100% Rust Free
  • A Perfect balance of the instruments and reduced risk of slipping
  • Fully Autoclavable

Which are the 7 extraction forceps available?

Among the 7 forceps available in the kit 4 forceps are for maxillary arch and 3 forceps are for mandibular arch. The maxillary forceps include forceps for incisors, premolar, molars, and root forceps whereas the forceps for mandibular arch include forceps for incisors, molars, and root forceps.


The API Dental Instruments have almost covered all the basic extraction instruments needed for tooth removal in kids. The tooth extraction which is considered to be the most difficult becomes an atraumatic procedure with these dental extraction kits. So you can just buy these dental extraction pliers as understood small teeth need small forceps.

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