NSK Surgic Pro Plus – A Professional Choice For Implantology

How dental Implant practice is growing?

Patient acceptance plays an important role in dental practice. Nowadays very few patients desire dentures or other treatment options where implants have overtaken other procedures. It may be possible that soon implants become the only treatment option available for missing tooth replacement. Implants being a complete aesthetic treatment with long-term durability and an easily available option nowadays has become the treatment of choice for any patient.

What is importance of correct implant placement?

In implant surgery, a correct implant insertion is fundamental to obtaining optimal aesthetic and functional results which can be maintained over a long period. If implant placement occurs incorrectly, i.e. if an implant is placed very near to a tooth or two implants are not placed at a correct distance, this would involve resorption of the interproximal bone crest with loss of papilla and consequent aesthetic damage, as well as problems from a prosthetic point of view. This may cause improper positioning of crowns with no ideal shape like that of a natural tooth.

All these difficulties for correct implant placement become critical in complex cases, having limited space and varied anatomical limits. The position of the implant has to be correct not only from a biological point of view but also from a prosthetic view, to have an ideal crown and optimal aesthetic and functional results.

An important help in this difficult and fundamental procedure and a valid device is provided by the implant motor i.e. the physio dispenser

NSK Surgical Pro +:



NSK offers advanced technology to greatly enhance clinical performance. NSK Surgical Pro+ Implant micro motor is a compact, lightweight and powerful tool to deliver everything that professionals demand.

It comes with a torque range of 5-80Ncm. There is a large backlit LCD to check the displayed data. In this device, there is a data storage facility where you can record date, speed, rotational direction, torque, and gear ratio without any requirement for special software.

Why should one invest in NSK Surgic pro plus Implant motor?

  • Reliability & Durability:

NSK dental physiodispenser, a Japanese brand, is well-known for its unmatched cost performance, exceptional quality, and reliability. The NSK Physiodispenser helps maintain a hygienic clinical environment for the patient, and its patented precision technology aids the dentist in perfectly and safely inserting dental implants.

  • Impeccable Accuracy:

To put implants more safely and precisely, this physiodispenser aids in giving a torque range of 5 to 80 Ncm. With a 20:1 reduction gear ratio and a maximum speed output of 2,000 rpm, its titanium-coated X-DSG20L handpiece aids in smooth operation and lowers the risk of bone fractures. Additionally, the calibration feature enables precisely synchronizing the handpiece’s torque with the motor, which guarantees a more accurate result.

  • Shorter, Lighter & More Powerful Performance:

The NSK Surgic Pro+ ‘s shorter and lighter motor aids in creating the ideal balance between the motor and the contra-angle handpiece for simple and effortless operation. These enhanced motor capabilities, when compared to traditional surgical motors, aid in superior performance.

  • Data Storage Facility:

This is a special feature only in the NSK Surgic Pro+. A USB memory stick can be used to retrieve and download treatment data. Since common software that reads bitmap or csv files can display the data, you don’t need to install any special software to view the data.

  • Aseptic Operation:

The contra angle handpiece of the NSK Surgic Pro+ has a unique mechanism that can be easily dismantled for interior cleaning with a simple twist. Additionally, the handpiece head is effectively shielded from human fluids and blood by the double sealing system. This ensures the instruments’ durability. Also it can be easily operated using foot control, which provides extra comfort to the dentist and maintains sterilization protocol.


The dentist chooses the implant motor based on his particular preferences for comfort, functionality, and operation. However, the dentist can discover all of his surgical needs with the NSK brand Implant motor in addition to its sturdiness, durability, and performance. With its cutting-edge technology and superior performance, NSK Surgic Pro+ is undoubtedly the finest option for all professional implantologist.

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