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NSK Physiodispenser Surgic Pro

NSK Physiodispenser Surgic Pro


The NSK Surgic Pro Physiodispenser is a state-of-the-art implant motor designed to enhance clinical efficiency in implant surgical procedures. With its advanced features, including a maximum torque output of 80 Ncm and multi-functional foot control, it offers unparalleled precision and ease of use for dental professionals.

NSK Surgic Pro Optic/Non Optic
NSK Surgic Pro Optic/Non Optic
NSK Surgic Pro Optic/Non Optic
NSK Surgic Pro Optic/Non Optic

Key Highlights

Powerful Torque Output:

  • The device boasts an impressive torque of up to 80 Ncm, providing the power needed for even the most demanding implant procedures.

Illuminated Display for Enhanced Visibility:

  • An illuminated display ensures greater visibility, allowing for easy monitoring and adjustments during procedures.

Flexible Speed Control:

  • Speed control ranging from 200 to 40,000 min-1 offers flexibility for a variety of surgical needs, enhancing the device’s versatility.

Low Noise and Vibration Brushless Micromotor:

  • The Surgic Pro features an Optic / Non-Optic Brushless micromotor known for its low noise and vibration levels, contributing to a more comfortable experience for both patient and practitioner.

User-Friendly Operation:

  • Designed for simple operation, the Surgic Pro allows clinicians to focus on the procedure rather than equipment settings, improving workflow efficiency.

Programmable Preset Memories:

  • With 8 x 8 user-programmable preset memories, practitioners can easily customize and recall settings for different implant systems, reducing operating time.

Hands-Free Operation via Foot Control:

  • The foot control unit enables hands-free operation, allowing for adjustments without interrupting the surgical procedure.

Advanced Handpiece Calibration:

  • Powered by advanced handpiece calibration, the Surgic Pro ensures accurate torque output, guaranteeing the precision of implant placements.

Autoclavable Handpiece for Hygiene:

  • The handpiece is autoclavable, ensuring it can be sterilized between patients to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

High-Intensity LED Light:

  • With light power exceeding 32,000 LUX, the LED Micromotor provides excellent illumination, enhancing the visibility of the surgical site.

Robust and Reliable Power Supply:

  • Compatible with AC 120V / 230V, 50 / 60 Hz power supply, the Surgic Pro is equipped to perform reliably in various power settings.

Optimal Fluid Delivery:

  • A maximum pump output of 75 mL/min ensures optimal fluid delivery during procedures, aiding in cooling and cleaning the surgical site.

Compact and Ergonomic Design:

  • Dimensions of W265 x D220 x H100 mm make the Surgic Pro compact and easy to integrate into any dental practice setup.

Choice of Handpieces:

Available with an SG20 handpiece (Non-Optic) and an X-SG20L handpiece (Optic), providing options to suit different practitioner preferences.

Technical Specification

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The NSK Surgic Pro Micromotor offers a powerful torque of up to 80 Ncm, providing clinicians with the capability for precise and efficient dental procedures.

Yes, the NSK Surgic Pro Micromotor features an illuminated display, ensuring greater visibility and facilitating ease of use during dental treatments.

Yes, hands-free operation is possible through a foot control unit, allowing clinicians to maintain control over the micromotor’s speed and functions without manual intervention.

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