NSK S Max Pico Non Optic Handpiece

NSK S Max Pico Non Optic Handpiece

NSK S Max Pico Non Optic Handpiece


S-Max Pico Optic Handpiece comes with ultra mini head and super slim body for operation with minimal intervention. This is an innovative turbine designed with NSK precision engineering for greater flexibility.

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Key Highlights

Ultra-Mini Head for Enhanced Visibility:

The handpiece features an ultra-mini head, which significantly improves visibility in the operational field. This design facilitates more precise dental procedures by offering a wider and clearer view, especially in complex areas.

Optimized Access to Molars:

Its design enables exceptional access to the last molar region, a challenging area in many dental procedures. This feature is crucial for comprehensive dental care, ensuring no part of the mouth is difficult to reach.

Ideal for Pediatric Patients:

The S-Max Pico Optic Handpiece is particularly effective in treating pediatric patients. Its small size and gentle operation are well-suited for children, making dental procedures less intimidating and more comfortable for younger patients.

Flexibility for Patients with Limited Mouth Opening:

This handpiece offers greater flexibility for patients who have a small mouth opening, ensuring that dental care is accessible and less intrusive. This aspect is particularly beneficial for patients with conditions that restrict mouth opening.

Super Slim Stainless-Steel Body:

The handpiece’s super slim stainless-steel body not only contributes to its aesthetic appeal but also enhances its durability and hygiene. The sleek design allows for better handling and maneuverability during dental procedures.

Compatibility with Pico Burs and Microscope Precision:

Compatible with pico burs, the handpiece allows for refined and detailed dental work. Additionally, its design is optimized for use with a microscope, significantly improving the accuracy of operations. This precision is crucial for intricate dental procedures and treatments.

Technical Specification

Power9 W
Speed380,000 – 450,000 RPM
Head Sizeø8.6 x H 9.0 mm
CompatibilityFor short shank burs / ultra short shank burs
Accessory bur setIncluded
Body MaterialStainless Steel
BearingsCeramic Bearings
Clean Head SystemYes
Chuck TypePush Button Chuck
Cooling SpraySingle Spray

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The Ultra Mini Head provides a wider view of the operational field, enhancing visibility during dental procedures.

Yes, the design of the handpiece allows for great access to the last molar region, ensuring efficient and precise treatment.

Absolutely, this handpiece is easy to use for pediatric patients, offering greater flexibility for those with smaller mouth openings.

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