NSK S-Max M65 Internal Spray Straight Handpiece

NSK S-Max M65 Internal Spray Straight Handpiece


The NSK S-Max M65 Internal Spray Straight Handpiece is a testament to NSK’s commitment to uncompromised quality and performance in dental instrument design. This straight handpiece from the M-SERIES is distinguished by its powerful cutting ability, ergonomic design, and durable construction, making it an essential tool for a wide range of dental procedures.

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Key Highlights

All-Stainless Body:

  • The M65 handpiece boasts a robust all-stainless steel body, ensuring rust-proof longevity and sturdiness. The satin-like finish of the handpiece is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides a comfortable grip, enhancing control during procedures.

Clean Head System:

  • Featuring NSK’s patented Clean Head System, the M65 handpiece is engineered to automatically prevent the entry of oral fluids and other contaminants into the head. This innovative design significantly prolongs the life of the bearings, ensuring the handpiece remains in optimal condition for longer periods.

Single Water Spray:

  • The M65 is equipped with the NSK Single Water Spray system, which effectively cools the surface of the bur. This high cooling effect is crucial for reducing heat generation during cutting, thereby minimizing the risk of thermal damage to the tissue and enhancing patient comfort.

Powerful Cutting Performance:

  • Renowned for its incomparable cutting power, the M65 handpiece facilitates efficient and precise dental procedures. This power is especially beneficial for cost-effective operations, as it reduces the time and effort required for various dental tasks.

Ergonomic and Well-Balanced Design:

  • The handpiece is ergonomically designed and well-balanced, providing excellent accessibility and ease of use. This ergonomic focus ensures reduced hand fatigue and better maneuverability, allowing dentists to perform lengthy procedures with greater comfort.

Quiet and Durable Operation:

  • The M65 is designed to operate quietly, creating a more comfortable environment for both the dentist and the patient. Its durable construction further enhances its appeal, making it a reliable and long-lasting tool in the dental practice.

Technical Specification

Gear Ratio1:1 Direct Drive
Max Speed40,000 min-1
Bur CompatibilityFor HP Burs (Ø2.35) / For CA Burs (Ø2.35)*
Water SpraySingle Spray
Body MaterialStainless Steel
Handpiece Connection TypeISO 3964 Type 2
Cooling SystemInternal spray system for precise cooling
BearingsM65 Ceramic Bearings for durability
DesignStraight design for maneuverability
DurabilityStainless steel body for corrosion resistance
CompatibilityWorks with various dental units and systems
Safety FeatureBur stopper for controlled cutting
ErgonomicsErgonomic grip for comfortable handling
PerformanceHigh-speed capability, 40,000 min-1


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The handpiece body is made of stainless steel, ensuring rust-proof durability and a comfortable, satin-like finish.

The patented NSK Clean Head System prevents the entry of oral fluids and contaminants into the handpiece head, extending the life of the bearings and ensuring a hygienic operation.

The NSK Single Water Spray provides an effective cooling mechanism, enhancing the cooling effect on the bur’s surface during procedures.

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