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The Trios 4 Intraoral Scanner is a cutting-edge dental technology that revolutionizes patient care in dentistry. It’s a wireless intraoral scanner that not only facilitates treatment but also emphasizes preventive care through its caries diagnostic aid and monitoring tools. The device is designed for rapid readiness with smart tips that heat quickly, enhancing efficiency in dental procedures. This scanner uniquely combines ease of use with advanced diagnostic capabilities, offering a seamless and more engaging patient experience. Its innovative features and ergonomic design make it a valuable addition to modern dental practices, aiming to streamline dental workflows while maximizing patient comfort and care

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Key Highlights

Wireless Scanning: Offers untethered operation for greater flexibility and ease of movement around the patient.

Fast Heating Smart Tips: The tips quickly heat up, ensuring the scanner is ready to use without delay.

30% Extended Battery Life: Enhanced battery efficiency allows for longer use without frequent recharging.

High Scanning Speed: Captures dental images rapidly, reducing the time patients spend in the chair.

True Color Scanning: Provides highly accurate, realistic color scans for better visualization and planning.

Shade Measurement: Automatically measures tooth shades, ensuring precise color matching for restorations.

HD Photos Capability: High-definition photo feature enhances detail and clarity in scans.

Caries Diagnostic Aid: Includes technology for early detection of caries, aiding in preventive dental care.

TRIOS Patient Monitoring: Allows for ongoing monitoring of dental conditions over time.

Inbuilt 2D Smile Design Software: Facilitates aesthetic planning and visualization for patients.

Treatment Simulator for Orthodontics: Visualizes potential outcomes of orthodontic treatments.

Auto Alignment Feature: Automatically aligns scans for accuracy and consistency.

Patient-Specific Motion for Articulation: Simulates patient-specific jaw movements for dynamic treatment planning.

Flexible Hardware Configurations: Adaptable to various practice needs and setups.

High Accuracy for Single Crowns: Ensures precise fit and aesthetics for crown restorations.

Technical Specification

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Wireless scanning provides untethered operation, allowing greater flexibility and ease of movement around the patient. This feature enhances the scanning experience for practitioners, enabling them to navigate freely, and contributes to a more comfortable and efficient process for patients.

The Fast Heating Smart Tips quickly heat up, ensuring that the scanner is ready for use without any delay. This feature contributes to a streamlined workflow, minimizing waiting time, and enhances the overall efficiency of the scanning process.

The extended battery life enhances efficiency by allowing for longer use without frequent recharging. Practitioners can benefit from extended scanning sessions, reducing interruptions and optimizing their workflow. This feature contributes to improved productivity in dental practices.

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