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Trios 3 Move+ Intraoral Scanner


TRIOS Move+ has a multi-touch screen, wireless as well as wired connectivity, and an integrated high-performance computer optimized for 3D scanning. Designed for easy movement between treatment rooms. Move it anywhere without shutting it down. It comes with an adjustable height.

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Key Highlights

Enhanced Patient Engagement: Streamlines interaction with chairside 3D digital scans and TRIOS® engagement apps, offering patients a clear understanding of their dental needs and treatment plans.


User Comfort: Designed for both practitioner and patient comfort, reducing the need for awkward head and back movements during scans.


Versatile Display: Features a movable 15.6” HD touchscreen, allowing easy viewing of scans and applications without physical strain.


Elegant and Functional Design: Boasts a balanced, lightweight stand, an adjustable monitor arm, and a large screen, complemented by a minimalist aesthetic with graceful curves and premium brushed aluminum.


Ease of Use: Offers simplicity in movement, adjustment, and operation, making it an attractive addition to any dental clinic.

Technical Specification


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The system simplifies patient engagement by offering chairside 3D digital scans along with TRIOS® engagement apps. It ensures a seamless experience for both practitioners and patients, facilitating efficient and advanced dental procedures. The Trios digital impression software is compatible with Trios 4: Wired and Wireless (Pen & Grip) and TRIOS 3: Color Wired and Wireless in both Pen and Handle Grip.

The system enhances comfort for both practitioners and patients by avoiding awkward movements during dental procedures. It features a mobile and adjustable 15.6” HD touchscreen, providing easy viewing of scans. The system’s aesthetically pleasing minimalist design with graceful curves and brushed aluminum not only contributes to a comfortable working environment but also adds a touch of elegance to the dental workspace.

The Trios digital impression software is equipped with an integrated 3-shape communication interface. This ensures seamless communication between the system and other devices, streamlining the digital workflow in dental practices. The advanced interface enhances the efficiency and compatibility of the system, making it a comprehensive solution for digital impressions.


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