Intra Oral Camera – A Cost Effective Tool For Better Dental Practice

Dental advancements are at a peak these days with the creation of numerous tools and equipment which are ergonomically suitable for the dentist as well as the patient. One of the many dental advancements which are now tremendously used for assessing and treating oral health problems is the intraoral camera in dentistry.

What is an intraoral camera?

Intraoral Cameras are a great tool for closely observing details of the oral cavity which are otherwise difficult to appreciate with naked eyes. The dentist also aims to improve patient education through these cameras by presenting high-quality images of the oral cavity. This helps the patient in understanding exactly what a dentist wants to explain.


The intraoral camera is a lightweight, stylish tool & is an important aid to diagnose any dental issue like tooth decay, chipped tooth, or any periodontal disease. Thanks to the compact design, a dentist can use it to see a clear view of all details in the oral cavity just by connecting it to a monitor. After any dental treatment procedure is complete, these cameras are also of help to check for the success of treatment. The pictures taken can be of great help in enhancing a smile with precision.

Benefits of the intraoral camera in dentistry

To elaborate a little, the 3 main benefits are:

  1. Convenient diagnosis: A dentist can easily detect abnormalities or minor complications giving an efficient treatment to the patient.
  2. Preventive diagnosis: Not only do these cameras help for invasive treatment, but they also can be of great help to detect any dental issues at the beginning stage itself. Early detection of these dental problems can help the patient from the heavy burden of invasive treatment.
  3. Patient education: It is at times difficult for the patient to understand the technical terms, which can be easily explained with a pictorial view of the affected teeth.

Alpha Dual HD Intraoral Camera


Alpha Dual HD Intraoral Camera is the world’s first dual oral camera system that features a smart HD high-resolution intraoral camera with unique technology and an in-built ruler measurement tool. Also, it has an extraoral camera with a variable focus liquid lens adding versatility to dental practice by producing life-like images.

The key Features:

Fast autofocus

Alpha dual is equipped with a liquid lens that has a similar structure to the lens of the eye. With the press of a single button, auto focusing and macro focusing can be done.

Wider focus range

The dual-camera system has a wider focus range with a resolution of 720p providing clear and bright images without image delay

Easy ruler measurement mode:


If you press and hold the capture button for 3 seconds, a cross-hatch ruler appears on the screen and the ratio of measurement varies depending on the distance between the camera and the image to be taken.

Few other Features:

  • Dual lens system with intraoral and extraoral imaging
  • HD CMOS sensor with 15ea LED for better image quality during intraoral imaging
  • Automatic switch from intraoral camera to extraoral camera simply by moving the protect slide cover
  • Easy check of camera status with simple colour change while connected to USB from Amber to Green colour
  • Metal cable connector for easy connect/disconnect which is shock-resistant & has a length of 3 meters.

This is the world’s first intraoral camera with a dual-camera system. A digital camera is required to take clinical pictures for use in aesthetic treatment, orthodontics, and educating the patient. The Alpha dual is the best innovative camera available in India that provides both intraoral and extraoral images with high resolution for patient education and quality treatment. The new slim and narrow head profile, white LED light & CMOS image sensor make the alpha camera an excellent choice.

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