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Inbuilt Scaler V3

Inbuilt Scaler V3


The Inbuilt Scaler V3 LED by DTE, Woodpecker, represents a significant innovation in dental scaling technology. Designed to be in-built in a dental chair, it offers space efficiency around the dentist’s console, allowing for unencumbered operation. With its advanced technology and autoclavable handpiece, the V3 LED scaler provides comfortable and sensitive scaling, making it a trusted tool for dentists globally.

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Key Highlights

Detachable and Autoclavable Handpiece:

  • The V3 LED scaler comes with a handpiece that can be detached and autoclaved at 134°C, ensuring high standards of hygiene and safety. This feature is crucial for preventing cross-contamination between patients.

Automatic Frequency Tracking:

  • The scaler features an automatic frequency tracking facility, which simplifies the removal of calculus or tartar. This ease of use enhances the dentist’s efficiency and patient comfort during scaling procedures.

Microcomputer-Controlled with Various Modes:

  • A microcomputer controls the device, allowing dentists to choose from various modes for smooth operation. This customization ensures that the scaler can be adapted to suit different scaling needs and preferences.

Compatibility with Multiple Tips:

  • The handpiece is compatible with tips from Satelac and NSK, offering versatility and convenience to dental professionals who may already use these brands.

High-Quality Materials and Certifications:

  • The device is made of aero plastic from Europe & America, ensuring durability and quality. Additionally, the handpiece is CE & FDA Certified, demonstrating its compliance with international standards.

Durable Silica Gel Tube:

  • The tube of the scaler is made of highly durable silica gel, enhancing its longevity and reliability.

Endo Mode for Root Canal Treatment:

  • The V3 scaler includes an Endo mode, which enhances accuracy in root canal treatments by eliminating infections using endo irrigation tips. This feature is particularly beneficial for endodontic procedures.

Automatic Degenerative Feedback:

  • This function provides constant power output, ensuring a comfortable and consistent scaling experience for patients.

Athermic and Golden-Coated Tips:

  • The tips are athermic and golden-coated, making them highly durable and preventing overheating during oral prophylaxis procedures.

LED Handpiece for Enhanced Visibility:

  • The LED handpiece enhances visibility, allowing dentists to work with greater precision and accuracy during scaling.

Technical Specification

Output Power3W – 20W
Frequency28 KHZ ± 3Khz
Water pressure0.1 Bar ~ 0.5 Bar
Weight of main unit0.2 Kgs
Tips5 Scaling Tips (3 general scaling, 1 Perio, 1 stain removal) & 1 Endo attachment


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The detachable and autoclavable handpiece, sterilizable at 134°C, ensures effective infection control by allowing thorough cleaning and sterilization. This feature promotes a hygienic dental environment, meeting the stringent standards required for safe and reliable dental procedures.

The automatic frequency tracking facility adapts to the conditions during dental procedures, automatically adjusting the frequency as needed. This simplifies the dentist’s task by ensuring efficient removal of calculus or tartar without manual frequency adjustments, making the process more streamlined and effortless.

The microcomputer-controlled device allows dentists to choose from various modes, providing versatility in dental procedures. This technology ensures smooth operation and precise control, allowing dental professionals to tailor the device’s settings to specific treatment requirements for optimal results.

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