Implant Motor – Implant-X

Implant Motor – Implant-X


The Implant Motor – Implant-X, offered by Woodpecker, is a cutting-edge implanting motor that combines advanced technology with high performance and precision. Designed to facilitate treatments of high accuracy and efficiency, this implant motor is a valuable tool for dental professionals specializing in implantology.


Key Highlights

Imported Swiss Motor with GRW German Bearing:

  • The handpiece is equipped with an imported Swiss motor and GRW German bearing, ensuring high precision during implant procedures. This combination provides the reliability and accuracy needed for successful implanting.

Lightweight Motor for High Clinical Performance:

  • The motor’s lightweight design not only enhances clinical performance but also ensures ease of use during extended procedures, reducing clinician fatigue.

LED Motor for Flexible Operation:

  • Featuring an LED motor, Implant-X offers flexible operation with enhanced visibility, allowing for precise and efficient implant placement.

Stable Contra-Angle with Minimal Oscillations:

  • The device boasts a stable contra-angle design that minimizes oscillations, providing a stable torque output essential for accurate implanting.

Ergonomic Balance Between Contra-Angle & Motor:

  • Implant-X achieves a perfect balance between the contra-angle and motor, reducing hand fatigue for the clinician and enhancing procedural comfort.

Colored Touch Screen with Glass Interface:

  • A colored touch screen with a glass interface facilitates easy cleaning and disinfection, maintaining hygiene without sacrificing functionality.

Mute Peristaltic Pump for Safe Treatment:

  • The inclusion of a mute peristaltic pump simplifies connection processes and ensures the safety and cleanliness of the treatment environment.

Flexible Multifunctional Foot Control:

  • With its multifunctional foot control, Implant-X allows for aseptic operation, providing flexibility and control during implant procedures without compromising sterility.

Technical Specification

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The imported Swiss motor with GRW German Bearing in the handpiece ensures high precision implanting. Swiss engineering and German bearing technology combine to provide exceptional precision, contributing to the success and accuracy of implant procedures.

The lightweight motor is designed to enhance clinical performance during implantation procedures. Its lightweight construction ensures maneuverability and ease of handling, allowing clinicians to maintain control and precision throughout the implantation process.

The colored touch screen with a glass interface offers several advantages. It provides a user-friendly interface for easy operation and navigation. The glass surface allows for easy wiping and disinfection, ensuring hygiene standards are maintained in clinical settings. The visual interface also enhances the overall user experience during implantation procedures.

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