High Vacuum Motorised Suction: A Must-Have Equipment Helping Dentists Work More Efficiently

The tubing which is always held by an assistant in dental clinic is not just to keep patient from drooling saliva but it also plays vital role in various ways which helps patients as well as the dentist.

What are dental Aspirators?


The dental suction system is also known as the aspirator. The aspirator is a machine that is responsible for eliminating the saliva that accumulates in oral cavity of the patient. This suction system consists of motor, tubing’s and terminal part of suction system installed on dental unit which is composed of rubber tubes and suction cannulas

The dental suction system is a very important element in dental clinic. Its invention has completely transformed the way of working by dentist. Instead of working in standing vertical position, patients can be kept in supine position. With motorised suction system, the ergonomics and comfort for both the patient and the dentist are improved in addition to the hygiene.

How the dental chair aspiration system works?

In dentistry the most commonly used suction system is the wet-line suction system.  The motor directly drains the aspirated liquids, including saliva, to the main drainage system. It has an immediate connection to the dental chair. The dentists prefer this vacuum pump because it offers more power during surgery or several operations.

What are the benefits of using High motorized suction system?

  1. Prevention of Saliva & Secretion Build-up: As many treatments require strict isolation for sterile work, this high vacuum suction helps in the prevention of pooling of saliva
  2. Protecting the airway: If the patient is being treated under sedation, a dental device can keep the airway unobstructed
  3. Prevents choking: During dental treatment as a foreign body is used in the patient’s mouth, it can cause stimulation of more saliva and result in fear of choking. High vac suction helps remove the excess saliva and makes the patient comfortable.
  4. Removes aerosolized viruses and germs from the air: The use of fast-moving instruments like polishers can turn saliva into an aerosol plume. This can cause illnesses and bacteria to become airborne if suction is not used.

In addition, the modern rotary instruments spray pressurized water to cool the treatment area, creating a cloud of water particles. The only vacuum system with the right power can reduce the cloud of water particles

Vmax 450 Motorized Suction System:


Vmax 450 Suction is a wet-line suction system with a high suction performance of 800l/min and an internal noise reduction system for silent operations. It is a 1HP device with 13Kpa vacuum power and gives support to up to 2 chairs. It has frequency conversion technology to adjust the flow according to the chair that is being used in the dental clinic.

So whenever any treatment requires the use of an air rotor, high vacuum motorized intraoral suction use can be of great help to prevent saliva accumulation and remove the secretions.


These high vacuum motorized dental suction devices help the patient feel more comfortable throughout their treatment and minimize the spread of germs and bacteria that may be present in saliva. This makes dental treatment a successful one without worrying about health.

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