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The Gnatus Air Compressor, available in 40, 60, and 70 liters, is designed to meet the demanding needs of modern dental clinics. Known for being among the quietest in dentistry, these compressors provide clean, dry, oil-free, and hygienic air, essential for high-quality dental treatment. Their reliable performance and advanced features make them a top choice for dental professionals.

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Key Highlights

Super-Silent and Oil-Free Operation:

  • The Gnatus Air Compressors boast super-silent operation, significantly reducing noise in the dental clinic and enhancing patient comfort. Their oil-free design ensures that the air produced is clean and free from contaminants.

Internal Spray Finishing to Prevent Rusting:

  • The storage tanks of these compressors have an internal spray finishing to prevent rusting, extending their lifespan and maintaining the quality of the compressed air.

Hygienic, Medical-Grade Air Production:

  • These compressors are engineered to provide hygienic, medical-grade air, which is crucial for a wide range of dental procedures and ensures the safety and health of patients.

Dryer Option for Super-Dry, Clean Air:

  • An additional dryer is available to provide super-dry, clean air. This feature is particularly important in dental treatments where moisture in the air can compromise the quality of the procedure.

Safety Switch for Overpressure Prevention:

  • A safety switch is integrated to prevent overpressure inside the tank. This feature ensures the safe operation of the compressor and the protection of both the equipment and the users.

Thermal Protector for Overheating Safety:

  • The compressors come with a thermal protector to guard against overheating. This safety mechanism prevents damage to the compressor and ensures a safe working environment.

Variety of Tank Sizes for Different Clinic Needs:

  • Available in 40, 60, and 70-liter options, these compressors cater to various clinic sizes and air supply demands, offering flexibility and customization for dental practices.

Technical Specification

Specification CategoryDetails
ModelsAvailable in 40L, 60L, and 70L capacities
OperationSuper-Silent and Oil-Free
Air QualityProvides clean, dry, oil-free, hygienic, medical-grade air
Internal Spray FinishingPrevents rusting, extends lifespan
Air Dryer OptionAvailable for super-dry, clean air production
Safety FeaturesSafety switch for overpressure prevention, Thermal protector for overheating safety
Tank Size VarietiesCatering to different clinic needs and air supply demands
Noise LevelAmong the quietest in dentistry, enhancing patient comfort


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No, the compressor is super-silent, providing a quiet operational environment.

The storage tank has internal spray finishing, which effectively prevents rusting.

Yes, the compressor provides hygienic medical-grade air to ensure safety and cleanliness during dental procedures.

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