Genoray Port X II: India’s Highest Installed, Portable X-Ray Unit

Over the last three decades, dentistry has seen enormous advancements in all its branches. As a result of these advancements, more detailed diagnostic procedures, particularly imaging techniques, have become necessary. 

In the diagnosis of dental problems, radiographs are a powerful diagnostic tool when used in conjunction with clinical examination. In dental practice, two-dimensional periapical radiographs are commonly employed. 

Portable X Ray Unit

Although there is a greater risk of using ionizing radiation in everyday practice, diagnostic techniques have overcome the risks. Dental care is dedicated to providing the best level of care to each of its patients while also utilizing technological and scientific breakthroughs to improve oral health. 

Traditional intraoral x-ray equipment is often mounted on the wall or floor, with the exposure button hidden behind a protective barrier to protect the operator from X-rays. However, there is an increase in the popularity of portable dental X-ray devices for intraoral radiography in general practice nowadays due to easy handling. 

Problems With The Traditional Mounted X-Rays:

Mounted X-Rays

When the world of dentistry was conventional with the use of Wall – Mount X –rays, dentists faced a lot of problems regarding the same :

  • The operator has to leave the room and stand behind a shielded wall during exposure.
  • There is a need for installation, a special cabinet that takes up space, reinforced walls, and electrical work.
  • acquisition costs, maintenance costs associated with multiple wall-mounted 
  • Have awkward arms to manipulate which often drift during exposure or when the patient moves unexpectedly. 
  • wall-mounted units have compromised portability and flexibility inpatient care.

To prevent such hindrances in the clinical day-to-day practice, it is very much needed to have an operating device that not only makes the work of the doctors easier but is also adaptable to the patient’s comfort.

Portable X-ray Device:

Portable X Ray Device

Portable X-ray equipment, in particular, is regarded to be wonderful technology that allows dental professionals to save time and money while still offering high-quality service to their patients. 

During X-ray investigations, this equipment helps to reduce unwanted transfers and changes in the patient’s body posture. Also, due to the high-tech features in the handheld device, high-quality images can be achieved in a very less period of time. 

Genoray Port X II Portable X-ray:

Genoray (from South Korea) has been involved in the radiology imaging market for over 20 years. The Port X II is a portable x-ray unit with a camera & full-lead coverage shield including a cone.

Genoray Portable X Ray Blog

The following safety measures are used in PORT X II for the prevention of radiation exposure:

  • Internal Shielding of Unit Housing

In order to provide the best safety to the operator as well as the patient, the Genoray Port X II provides full-body lead coverage.

  • Beam Limitation

The Genoray Port X II is equipped with a beam limitation for focusing on the area of interest while taking radiography to avoid unnecessary scattered radiation.  The smaller radiation area reduces the patient dose by 25% without any compromise with the beam aiming capability.

  • Duty Cycle 

The portable X-ray unit is also built to avoid damage from overheating. 1:60 is the minimal cycle rating for maximum exposure which is defined as the relationship between exposure time and frequency over a 60 sec period. So it is very much required that a portable X-ray machine should have less exposure time as possible for less radiation exposure and required work done and PORT X II stands on the ground by providing  0.01 sec to 2 sec of exposure timings.


PORT X II is the ruling machine and Unicorn DenMart Ltd is providing the best sale and service support for Port X II for more than 12 years. Unicorn has successfully installed more than 7000 Port X II units in India which are working perfectly fine for 8-10 years even without changing the battery.  

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