ExtraOral Suction: Must require equipment for safety from aerosols transmitted viral and microbial infections.

A Dentist is prone to many aerosol transmitted infections including viruses like Ebola, SARS, COVID, influenza, etc. In spite of using protection like a face mask, head cap and gloves he/she is still prone to aerosol transmitted viral infections.

Aerosols are mainly produced while using a high-speed handpiece and an ultrasonic scaler.  Aerosols are present for a long time within the range of 1-2 meters around the Dental Chair. These aerosols get attached to the dentist and his assistant.

Need for an Extra Oral Suction:

Extraoral suction is used to absorb all of the droplets and aerosols created during the process, just as intraoral Dental suction serves to achieve operating site visibility. Extraoral suction aids in the prevention of virus and microbe transmission via aerosols. 

An extensive medical-grade filtration system like HEPA H13, which has Plasma ion along with a UV light function, eliminates virus and germs produced.

The use of extraoral dental suction can greatly improve a clinician’s safety protocol.

How Extra Oral Suction Enhances Safety in a Dental clinic?

For patient care and a successful practice, dentists and staff must be safe and healthy.

An extraoral suction has two main parts.

  1. Suction unit: The arm length of the suction unit must be long enough to provide ample space to a dentist to work together with an assistant. At least 1.5 meters or above suction arm length is required for a dentist and his assistant to work comfortably.
  2. Sterilizer unit: The sterilizer unit works like an air purifier; it disinfects the sucked aerosols and provides clean air. A good extra oral suction needs 4 main filter mechanisms:
  •  Primary filter
  •  UV-C light
  •  Plasma Ions Generation Layer
  •  HEPA filter

The job of the primary filter is to clean all the dust and debris mixed with air and water in aerosols. This filtered air is sterilized by UV-C light.

Next Plasma ions (+ve ions and –ve ions) play an important role by discharging and killing these microbes & viruses. They stick to the surface and increase its size so, that it can be finally filtered by a HEPA filter which has a filtration capacity of 0.3 microns. The resulting filtered air which comes out is pure and clean. 

Combined use of Intra and Extraoral suction provides maximum results and 99.9% microbes can be decreased from the working area, during a procedure which creates aerosols.

Dynamic DS1000 Extra Oral Suction:

Extraoral Dental Suction – Dynamic DS1000 has a robust aerosol aspiration capacity to protect the clinical environment and prevent aerosol-transmitted viral infection. With a 75mm wide suction pipe, it offers a powerful suction power. High-performance filtration with high-grade HEPA and an Activated Carbon Filter ensures clean exhaust air. To release purified air into the clinical environment, UV-C light and a Plasma Ion Generator are used to sterilise aspirated air.


We’re doing everything we can to restore our faith in our patients’ and staff’s safety following the pandemic. The use of Extra oral suction is recommended. So, use it and keep yourself and your staff safe from all aerosols transmitted infections and diseases. 

For your clinical needs, Unicorn Denmart has a high quality extra oral suction device called Dynamic DS1000 which Work as both an air purifier and air sterilizer in operative area.


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