Extraction Forceps Set Of 14 Pieces

Extraction Forceps Set Of 14 Pcs

Extraction Forceps Set Of 14 Pcs


A complete set of 14 pieces extraction forceps set, for both maxilla and mandibular teeth, comes with high-quality stainless-steel material, those are rust-free. The set comes in a specially designed leather pouch for safety of the instruments.

Extraction Forceps Set Of 14 Pieces
Extraction Forceps Set Of 14 Pieces

Key Highlights

The Handle With Gentle Textured Groove.

Perfect balance of the Instruments and reduced risk of slipping.

100% Rust Free.

Maximum Resistance to Wear Corrosion.

Fully Autoclave.

Easy in Grasp, Grip and Clean.

ISO 9001-2015 Certified.

CE Certified Products.

2 Years of warranty.

Technical Specification

Technical SpecificationValue
HandleGentle Textured Groove
Rust Resistance100%
Maximum Resistance to Wear CorrosionYes
Ease of UseEasy Grasp, Grip, and Clean
CertificationISO 9001-2015, CE Certified
Warranty2 Years

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The handle is designed with a gentle textured groove for enhanced grip and control during use.

The instruments are perfectly balanced, reducing the risk of slipping and ensuring safe and precise usage.

Yes, the instruments come with a 2-year warranty, providing assurance of quality and durability.

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