Ergonomics is an important and expanding applied science..

Ergonomics is an important and expanding applied science that is concerned with designing and arranging things that are used by a worker to facilitate an efficient and effective interaction between both worker and things. It enables people to work smartly rather hardly.

Ergonomics mainly aims at decreasing work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Among several branches, the dental industry provides a wide scope for ergonomics. When used properly, ergonomics can positively affect dentists and patients as well. According to the Journal of American Dental Association (2005), >70% of students reported shoulder problems, neck problems by the end of their third year. Proper position of their body alleviates MSDs of dentists. Also, it drastically reduces the likelihood of improper positioning of patients and doctors, which facilitates comfort.

Among several instruments or tools, the Dental Chair is one of the prerequisites for ergonomics. Choosing a wise dental chair is significant and influential. A dental chair that is indispensable for a dentist may not be the same for a patient. From a patient’s frame of reference, the dental chair may be a seat of fear, where he ought to struggle with pain. a well-designed dental chair plays a crucial role in relieving this discomfort and assuring patients for relaxed, convenient treatment. This feeling of being comfortable is the first step for effective patient-doctor interaction. For a better examination and exploration, the dentist depends on improved access to the patient’s teeth. Prioritizing superior access over the positioning of dentists will eventually lead to MSDs wherein dentists cannot work for a longer duration. So, ergonomics based well designed and defined dental chair is not only essential for patients to conform but also allows dentists to work more effectively thereby reducing the risk of the predisposition of MSDs.

Dental Chair, most probably is the first thing that would be noticed by the patient and appropriate investment in it becomes obligatory as it manifests its effects both physically and psychologically. But before proceeding towards purchasing a dental chair, important needs that are to be addressed are: It should be able to accommodate different body sizes, maximize patient’s accessibility along with furnishing comfort to the patient. Decades ago, procuring a dental chair is very simple which involves choosing the best color or to have it at an affordable price. There has been increased awareness that dental chair is more than a simple tool and when a high-end dental chair with inbuilt technologies is used, it proves to be the right choice in not only providing gratification to the patient but also improves the efficiency of the practitioner. With increasing awareness, the market for dental chairs has also been increased. Several models with different amenities are being produced in the market.

In most circumstances, experimentation with a new dental chair under operating conditions is not feasible. Hence, a great deal of groundwork becomes paramount before purchase.  Before coming to any conclusion, one needs to consider his/her own experience and drawbacks with the current dental chair they are working with. This often helps in the better understanding of requirements. Further, as technology and research in any area are rapidly being increased, one needs to think big and forward so that the chosen dental chair can accommodate future needs. Also, before investing in a dental chair, one needs to think about durability

An ideal dental chair showing a minimal gap between seat and backrest

Several staff needs to consider before choosing a dental chair. They may include- Design components. Design components and dimensions of dental chairs should be optimal. Several types of equipment like Dental X-Ray Unit, RVG Sensor, Intraoral Camera, LCD monitor, Dental Suction Unit, etc. will be accommodated by the Dental Chair. So, the layout of the dental chair should be in such a way that the movement of the delivery unit ought to be adequate. Further, chair dimensions should allow accommodating different body sizes, backrest which plays a vital role in providing the backrest needs to be considered. Often, one should choose a dental chair that has no gap between the backrest and the seat which decreases the chances of compromised lumbar support. Besides, appealing appearance and chair upholstery would increase the ambiance of the dental chair, and also patients’ comfort is maximized.

Different accessory components such as operating light also need to be contemplated before choosing a dental chair. The intensity of the light can be controlled and the controls should be easier to reach. Also, it would be an added advantage if the brightness settings can be altered to assure proper visibility along with patients’ comfort. Functionality units such as delivery units, control panels, and chair position adjustments also play a necessitous role in the dental industry. Delivery units are being customized to exponentially increase the convenience of dentists. Before customizing, one needs to even focus on the smooth movement of the delivery unit to ensure better ergonomics and durability. Dental chairs are subjected to few positional changes and the changes are dependent on the dentist, patient, and the treatment. Chair positioning is a chief aspect in the efficient dental treatment as it affects the operator’s accessibility and visibility to the oral cavity

A compact, flexible, and user-friendly dental chair integrated with X-ray units

In conclusion, the dental chair is a workbench. Positioning and reclining of the dental chair show a significant impact on dental treatment. Dentist’s effectiveness in interdependent on dental chairs effectiveness and the quality of dental chair show profound effects on the dental treatment. So, before selecting a dental chair, much groundwork is crucial to determine the most suitable and needed dental chairs.

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