Endo Smart Endo motor

Endo Smart Cordless Endomotor

Endo Smart Cordless Endomotor


Endo Smart Endomotor is an ergonomically designed endo motor that comes with various amazing features for the effortless preparation of the root canal. Its advanced 6 programs allow for more efficient and safer preparation as per the case requirement.

Endo Smart Endo motor
Endo Smart Endo motor

Key Highlights

Ergonomic and Lightweight Design: This handpiece is ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue, offering lightweight construction for ease of operation. This feature is essential for dentists who perform lengthy procedures, ensuring comfort and precision.

Integrated LED for Enhanced Visibility: With an LED integrated into the handpiece, dentists are provided with better visibility within the oral cavity, crucial for accurate and efficient treatment.

Ultra-Mini Head Contra-Angle: The small and ultra-mini head contra-angle allows for superior accessibility, particularly in hard-to-reach areas like the posterior molar region, enhancing treatment effectiveness.

Autoclavable Contra-Angle for Hygiene: The contra-angle is easily autoclavable at 135° C, ensuring high standards of hygiene and preventing cross-contamination between patients.

Handpiece LED Screen for On-the-Fly Adjustments: An LED screen on the handpiece allows for easy adjustments of speed and torque during procedures, providing convenience and flexibility to the dentist.

Left-Right Reciprocation for Precision: The handpiece features a left-right reciprocation function, essential for high precision in root canal preparation and other intricate dental work.

Large Capacity In-Built Battery: Equipped with a large-capacity lithium-polymer battery, the handpiece offers extended endurance, reducing the need for frequent recharging during busy clinic hours.

Voice Prompt for Low Power Alert: A voice prompt activates at low power, ensuring the dentist is aware and can plan accordingly without interruption in the procedure.

Programmable Memory Set Function: With 6 programmable memory sets, dentists can store and modify settings as per the requirements of different cases, enhancing treatment efficiency and customization.

Customizable Programs for Root Canal Preparation: The handpiece features 6 specialized programs for biomechanical preparation of the root canal, tailored to meet the specific needs of each case.

Optimized Speed for Safe Procedures: The maximum speed of the handpiece with a 16:1 contra angle is 500 rpm, optimized for safe and effective dental procedures.

Technical Specification


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The 16:1 super mini contra angle offers improved accessibility and a clear operation field during endodontic procedures. Its compact design enhances maneuverability, making it highly effective for precise and intricate dental work.

The 360-degree rotatable contra angle provides flexibility in operation, allowing dental professionals to achieve optimal angles and positions. This feature enhances adaptability and convenience during various dental procedures.


The brushless endomotor has a longer service life span, ensuring durability and reliability. This feature contributes to sustained performance over time, making it a reliable choice for dental practitioners seeking longevity in their endodontic equipment.

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