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Dynamic Compressor Suction System DAS001


The Dynamic Compressor Suction Power System DAS001 is a groundbreaking solution in dental practice equipment, innovatively designed to reduce noise and increase efficiency. This system uniquely combines compression and suction capabilities into a single, compact unit, offering dental services a quieter, more efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional setups.

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Key Highlights

Noise-Free Operation for Patient Comfort:

  • The DAS001 is engineered to operate with minimal noise, significantly enhancing patient comfort. The reduction in typical dental procedure noise helps create a more relaxed and stress-free environment for patients.

Dual Functionality for Simplified Processes:

  • This system offers both negative pressure suction and positive pressure air supply. By combining these functions into one unit, it eliminates the need for separate machines, streamlines dental procedures, and reduces equipment clutter.

Compact and Space-Saving Design:

  • The compact design of the DAS001 is particularly beneficial for smaller or crowded dental practices. It maximizes clinic space efficiency without sacrificing functionality, making it a versatile solution for various practice sizes.

Cost-Effective All-in-One Solution:

  • As an integrated solution, the DAS001 reduces the need for multiple pieces of equipment, resulting in significant cost savings. This cost-effectiveness extends to both initial investment and ongoing operational expenses.

Enhanced Mobility for Diverse Dental Services:

  • Designed with mobility in mind, the system can be easily moved and adapted to different practice setups. This flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of dental services and accommodates various treatment scenarios.

Technical Specification

Voltage (V/Hz)-115~230V/50~60Hz
Power (Kw)1.2
Air flow5Bar (L/min) – 78
Suction Unit Air Flow (L/min)300
Vacuum (Kpa)-11
Sewage tank (L)22.5
Net Weight (Kg)69
Gross Weight (Kg)89
Noise (dB(A))≤65
Dimension of Machine (mm)600x530x830
Dimension of Package (mm)690x620x990

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The dental system is designed to operate quietly, ensuring a noise-free environment during dental procedures. This feature is crucial for patient comfort, minimizing the typical noise associated with dental treatments and creating a more relaxed atmosphere.

The system provides both negative pressure suction and positive pressure air supply, eliminating the need for separate machines. This dual functionality streamlines procedures, offering a comprehensive solution in a single unit and simplifying the overall workflow in dental practices.

The system features a space-saving and compact design, making it ideal for maximizing clinic space. This design is particularly beneficial for smaller or crowded dental practices, allowing them to optimize their space efficiently while still enjoying the advantages of a comprehensive dental system.

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