Digitization in Dental Chair

Nowadays, advancements in the Dental Chair are happening parallelly with the growth of digital dentistry for an easy and smooth dental practice. The dental chair has significantly improved with various advanced features to meet the daily requirement of the dentist.

Digitization In Dental Chair

In this digital age, with advancements in technology, dental practitioners are also finding faster and smarter ways to work more efficiently using digital technology. It is done with the goal of improving productivity, lowering costs, and increasing patient satisfaction.

Also, nowadays Dental professionals are also more focused on the implementation of modern technologies in their daily practice.

Digital Dentistry

The most significant progress in digital dentistry are seen in CAD-CAM Dental Suction, Intraoral imagingDental Laser, etc., due to which dentistry has now noticeably improved.

Digital dentistry integration helps dental professionals to manage the practice and maintain patient records with the help of digitalization and allow them to make required changes with highly effective software and systems, which are specifically tailored for dentistry and dental practices.

Dental Units and Digital Dentistry

Dental Lasers and Digital Dentistry

The traditional Dental unit performs all the basic chair functions but as time progresses it now requires essential changes along with the integration of digital dentistry. After the changes are done the traditional dental Unit transforms into an advanced one. This provides ease and safety to the dentists and patients in the daily routine practice.

By moving towards digital dentistry dental professionals are able to provide more accurate and better-quality Work to their patients.

Modern designing in dental units provides the following solution: –

* Biosystem
* Multimedia features
* Trendelenburg position
* Integrated Apex Locator and Endo Function
* Integrated implantology
* Anti crushing System for safety
* Exceptional Ergonomics Designing

“In dentistry, the digital revolution has resulted in increased efficiency as well as clinical excellence.”

It is important to control cross-contamination and the risk of infection in a clinical environment. The Unicorn Gnatus S500 Dental Chair now has BIO-SYSTEM, a solution that disinfects the dental chair tubings, ensuring that every patient is free of infection. The chair also makes the work easier for the dentist and provides a comfortable environment to the patient.

Gnatus S 500 Dental Chair In Dentistry

Modern dental chairs are designed to provide the highest level of patient comfort while also providing the necessary safety features. Dental practitioners can choose their “tool” based on their needs and priorities thanks to digital dentistry integration technology. Unicorn Avyanna Dental Chairs are now equipped with accessories like Scaler, micromotor, light cure unit etc. to provide the dentists flexibility of operation.

Dental Chair In Dentistry

Certain features like Anti-crushing system as in Gnatus S500 Dental Chair & Runyes Innova Gold Dental chair, enables to prevent any breakage or damage of object in the dental clinic, customization as per the requirement by the dentist for both left-handed and right-handed dentist and integration of implant motor system to the delivery unit, are newly added features to the best dental chair in India.

These features enable a dentist to work efficiently in a clinic. The Anthos range of dental chairs introduces a new way of working in which ergonomics and operational liberty combine to deliver improved performance and more effective results.


Dental professionals’ attitudes toward efficient working styles and safety aspects have undoubtedly changed as a result of digital dentistry. The dental chair’s integrated specialised procedural features provide clarity, allowing you to make the best decision for your specific needs.

A range of highly advanced Dental Chairs are available at Unicorn DenMart.

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