Simplifying Dentistry with Chairside CAD-CAM – An All-in-One Solution

CAD-CAM technology or digital dentistry has evolved as one of the most popular and efficient technologies available as the dental industry progresses. The variety of materials available for in-office fabrication of dental restorations has a significant impact on the continuous growth of chairside CAD-CAM technology for delivering single visit dental restorations. Nowadays chairside digital dentistry is no more an unknown term in dentistry. 

The chairside CAD-CAM dentistry is the manufacturing process of the restoration, but we have to keep in mind that to achieve esthetically superior restoration, the type of material and the handling of the material also greatly impact the quality of the outcome.

Let’s have a look at the Digital Workflow for Chairside CAD-CAM dentistry.

Digital Work-Flow: This process involves every step when a patient walks into the dental clinic with a complaint and gets treated on the same day and moving out of the clinic with a happy face.

Step # 1 Scanning:- This step involves recording the intraoral conditions e.g. dental caries etc. to a computer software program using an intraoral scanner. It converts 2D Images to 3D images and provides the precise dental digital impression.









Step # 2 Designing of Digital Crowns:- This is the 2nd step of chairside dentistry. This step involves the designing of the digital crowns on the digital impressions. Veneers, Inlays, and Onlays can also be designed up to 3 units. With the recent advancements in chairside CAD-CAM dentistry, Now in Chairside CAD-CAM guided implant surgery is also possible where surgical guides can be designed and can be 3D printed. 

Step # 4 Chairside Dental Milling: The designed restoration is fabricated utilizing a manufacturing procedure to mill the appropriate restoration contour from a prefabricated block of material based on the design developed with the help of software. Depending upon the material and the application various types of dental milling machines are used. Most commonly used is the Wet type milling machine for immediate crowns. They are single block-based milling machines that are helpful for faster cutting.









Use of 3D Printers: 

With the latest advancements in chair-side dentistry, 3D dental printers are also available. Dentists can create 3D printed digital temporary or permanent crowns with the same aesthetic as any other material using a 3D printer. It is faster to print, but with less finishing work. Chairside 3d Printing can also be helpful for printing digital models immediately to check the fitting of crowns so that dentist can save their chairside adjustment on crowns.









Step # 5 Placing Final Fabricated Restoration in Patient Mouth

After SCAN – DESIGN – MILLING, the Final step is finishing and placing milled or 3d printed crowns in the patient’s mouth. The overall time taken by the whole process is up to 1 hour. So the chairside CAD-CAM dentistry is also known as Same Day Dentistry. It provides the patient with satisfaction to receive the restoration on the same day by omitting the waiting time. 

Reasons to Go For Chairside Dentistry:

Improved patient experiences

Get digital accuracy and limit

Enjoy east impression making less retake

Save time and see more patients








There are many reasons to go for chairside dentistry when you want to uphill your dental practice through digitization and attracting more patients by providing them peace of mind & enhancing the patient experience.

  • Offers faster treatment including same-day dentistry
  • Widest selection of treatment options for patients
  • Fewer clinic visits
  • Unrivaled functionality and aesthetic
  • Time Optimization

Advantages of Chairside CAD-CAM Dentistry:

# 1 Time Saving for Both Dentist & Patient

The basic principle is to minimize the dentist’s chairside time and working time to provide faster treatment to the patient. No more multiple visits by the patient, allows the dentist to focus on other patients too. 

# 2 Fewer Errors than Traditional Impressions

There is a chance of errors in the traditional impression technique i.e. shrinkage or any other factors that lead to more chairside time and errors in crowns or prosthesis. It can cause ill-fitting crowns or prostheses that require more adjusting. 

The Digital Impression technique saves time and provides an accurate impression by eliminating the other manual errors. 

# 3 Enhanced Patient Comfort

Traditional impression-making techniques with the help of impression material may lead to many discomforts to the patient that includes gag reflex, stress, uneasiness, etc.  A better experience can be provided by the intraoral scanner while making the digital impression that is easy and convenient. 

# 4 Widest Range of Application





There is the widest range of applications for the dentist while making chairside CAD-CAM crowns. Digital temporary crowns, permanent crowns, veneers, inlays, Inlays up to 3 units can be made. 

# 5 Assured Quality Work

Since all the steps for dental restoration fabrication are done by digital dentistry, so there is less chance of human errors. It assures high-quality work. 


Keeping in mind the current scenario chairside CAD-CAM provides quality work to the dentist, eliminating contamination risk. Chairside Dentistry provides a better patient experience, high-quality work including the same-day provision of the treatment. Digital designs of crowns and chairside production of prosthesis help dentists to deliver the immediate crowns to the patient helps in better patient experience and reduce multiple visits. Unicorn DenMart Ltd. helps you to choose the best dental equipment for chairside CAD-CAM dentistry by providing all the solutions to your queries and better after-sales service through our well-trained service engineers. 

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